1. Background of the study

          A car ramp is a device used for supporting vehicles. It provides a simple method of raising an automobile from ground in order to access the under carriage. Utilizing a ramp is reported among the three easiest ways to elevate a car. The remaining two methods include using a jack or jack stands.

          Car ramps  also offer safety for mechanism due to vehicle stability during car maintenance and repairs some ramp types can be built at home and hand made with simple tools (Bonnier, 1999).

          When there is need to working on a vehicle lifting the bonnet can only allow certain amount of work to be done. At some point the car has to be raised up of the ground. Being able to lift the vehicle off the ground can not only make life easier, but it can allow for the completion of larger jobs that may have otherwise require one to bring it to the garage. This type of equipment to use depends on the task at hand; to make life easier, the handy ramp helps to make the work easier (Hearst, 1999).

          Using car ramps can be more convenient safer to use than a jack and axle stands. If on a sloped drive way, although it is always recommended working on a flat surface leaving the ramps up with the front or rear wheels is easy than it’s simply a case of slowly driving up onto them. One of the big advantage of ramps is their ease of use.

          Ramps are also that bit safer as one might have the wrong jack or not picking the correct jack point. Safety is of paramount important anytime one is working underneath a vehicle. It is recommended leaving the car in gear, with the parking brake applied and using wheel chocks on the rear wheels to minimize any risk of the vehicle rolling. These measures might sound excessive, but when it comes to safety, it just isn’t worth cutting any corners. The cost of both ramps and wheel chocks can still be less than a visit to the local garage. It can not easily wear out, so it can last long (Bonnier, 1999).

          There are car ramps for low clearance cars. If the pride and joy of the car owner happens to sit low on the road, then one has to be careful going to have the ramp which suits the car. The key to this is the length longer ramps will have a shallower angle and therefore will reduce the potential risk of demanding bumpers or body work when driving up unto them. If the vehicle has a lower ride height there is no good chance of using the original jack that came with it, be cause it will not fit, there may be the need the construct another for suitability.

          There are different types of car ramps available such include Rhinogear car ramps, plastic automotive ramp, magnum automotive ramp, system soled steel car ramps, race ramps and truck ramps, etc. The different types of car ramps are suitable for various types of car/capacities and situations. They have their advantages and disadvantages. The various types of car ramps are suitable in various conditions. They essential car tools that are useful in automobile vehicles is a car ramp.

          Raising car from the ground by a few inches can take all the difference when servicing the car. A high quality car ramp can be used for oil changes or other car maintenance and is much cheaper than the conventional garage car lift.

          The best car ramps is the race ramps car ramp kit, which include a race ramp xtender and wheel chock that is highly rated by professional mechanics worldwide car ramps can come in different forms from heavy duty to low profile depending on the car that one intend to do maintenance. Its important that the ramp be suited for the cars weight otherwise one may cause additional stress to the ramps.

          Many mechanism will upgrade from car trolley jacks to car ramps due to safety, it can be quite worrying that if a trolley jack were to slip one would be stuck under a car but this would not be the case with a high quality car ramp.

          On the issue of safety most car ramp kits should come with wheel chocks that ensure that the car will not roll whilst on the ramp. Race ramps car ramp is of the best type of car ramps for home garages and are highly popular due to their strong light weight construction. They are made using a high density expanded polystyrene foam and then sprayed with polyurea to increase resistant to spillages.

          A full car ramp kit by race ramps includes a pair of ramps, pair of xtenders, and four rubber wheel chocks. This is all that is needed for a professional car ramp for home garage.

          The ramps can handle 3,000 LBS as a pair and have no sharp edges, so they will not damage the floor in the garage the race ramp will lift the car by 10 inches which is perfect for performing anything from bumper, modification to oil changes xtender’s come into play if a person have a lowered car or sports car. It lowers the angle (6.6 degree) to make it easier to get onto the ramp without causing any danger with the xtender, it is the best car ramp for low cars and its well worth paying the extra for them. The race ramp kit is expensive but is the best car ramp for low profile vehicles and the race ramp is high weight and can last long.

          If a person is not very sure or confident that the plastic or hardened rubber ramps will hold the car. Rage  powers ports offer an all aluminum construction. A clever feature of these car ramps is the inclusion of side rails that helps the wheel stay on track during loading and unloading.

          There are 16 inch wheel platforms with integrated wheel stops that lift the vehicle 7 inches from the ground. In terms of loading the vehicle, there is a 11.5 degree angle that is more than adequate for the majority of cars. These heavy duty car ramps will be able to hold 3,000 LBS which is perfect for most cars. This type of ramps is the best for heavy duty vehicles for home mechanics.

          The Rhino Gear is a cheap car ramp that has a weight limit of 12,000 pounds and is one of the most popular ramps on the market due to the budget price. The ramps are made from plastic polymer and the angle is 17 degrees and will lift the car 6.5 inches from the ground. The angle of which the car is loaded onto these, ramps is over 10 degrees. This type is not suitable for low cars. The patented core TRAC is a non skid base used in the construction of the cars ramps ensures that there is no slippage upon loading the car. The disadvantage of this Rhino Gear car ramp is that it does not last long.

          The ramp kits is constructed of steel and can handle cars with a gross weight of up to 6.500 LBS. they are 35 inches long and include safety side rails to help steer the car onto them safety. Another feature are the extruded traction holes that ensure that the wheel has the best traction. These heavy duty car ramps are much cheaper compared to rage power sports alumimum alternatives’ and can handle much weight. The only disadvantage is that they are smaller and may be difficult or harder to load the car compare with the Rago power sports. The advantage is that they are cheap heavy duty car ramps.

          In terms of heavy duty and high capacity ramp.The ton truck ramp for professional mechanics working on heavy vehicles are suitable. The first thing to be noticed is that they include T. handle that enable easy maneuverability of the ramps. They support up to 10 inches of wheel tread and work for all vehicles from trucks to passengers vehicles. They include a non-skid rubber matting to prevent slippage during use and when loading. This type of ramp is suitable for people who work on trucks.

          The large gross weight capacity and general heavy duty construction make it a good for all categories of vehicles especially trucks.

          It is important to properly get information in order to make a good choice of ramp rather just choosing the cheapest. The vehicle service ramps come in all sizes, shapes and materials with many preferring the lightweight modern ramps over heavy duty steel alternatives.

  1. Statement of the Problem

          Cars are difficult and very risky to work underneath where there is no good support or where there is no pit. Most people have died in the cause of working under a car/vehicle without a good support or the use of jack.

          When the jack fails, the vehicle will fall on the mechanics, which results to serious injury or death. The car ramp provides a simple support system for raising the vehicle for the purpose of vehicle stability during car maintenance and repairs. It is therefore on the basis of this, that the researcher went into the design and construction of car ramps. This will facilitate or enhance safety to both natural and human error when working underneath of a vehicle.