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This project work is carried out in an attempt to complete the DEGREE AND DIPLOMA Programme’s requirement. The project work is aimed at seeing the superior impact of Human Resources Management on the overall performance of establishments.  However, the project is patterned into five (5) distinct chapters. The first chapter dealt with the study. It also reveal the statements of problems objectives of the study, scope and limitation ol the study and mention is equally made of definitions of terms in Human Resources Management. Similarly, chapter two dealt extensively with the literature review where in definition of Human Resources Management, were given by many authorities. Mention is equally made to the gradual development of Human Resources performance and explanation is given to the various function of Human Resources to include, appraisal Transfer and the series of motivational tools employed in Human Resources Management i.e. fringe benefits, promotion and Housing. In addition, chapter three dealt with the research methodology and this also adopted the technique of personal interview. The population study was on the personnel department.  The Administrative Department and the junior staff group (informal group). A brief explanation on sampling size and instrumentation was made. Meanwhile, chapter four dealt with data collection and analysis with the aid analysis was a successful one, having done that much, observation is made to give one’s sentimental conclusion on the data collected. Finally, the last chapter however gave the final notion of Human Resources Management in an organisation interviews were drawn from the previous chapters to result in conclusion and recommendation. The superiority of the resources exhibits itself having observed the negative and an expected situation of my case study.

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