The main objective of this work is to study the geology of Amuro and its environs near Afikpo, Ebonyi state and produce a geologic map of the study area. Amuro area offers a unique opportunity to study and understand the deformational processes and to determine the tectonic stresses active in the southern Benue Trough as the highly indurated nature of the sediments allow for an abundance of outcrops that is unmatched anywhere else in the region. Its coordinate is N005057 and E007052 with elevation of 31 metres. The work was done in the field making observations, taking measurements using the GPS, Compass, hammer and other field equipments, and as well taking down recordings of data gotten from the field. Laboratory analysis were also carried out on the samples from the field, Grain size, Petrographic and Biostratigraphic analysis were done on the samples. The results from this analysis helped us to determine the age of the sample in order to compare with the determined regional age of the area by earlier workers.



1.0     Study background

Geology is an applied course that has been designed to show and expose students to the procedures of practical field geologic mapping. This involves the practical study of rock outcrops in a study area to deduce important information. They study area Amuro-Afikpo is a sedimentary environment, mostly comprised of shale and sandstone deposits.  Research on the study of sedimentary rock has shown that sediments both old sedimentary and other preexisting rock types, have created features and properties which are distinct and useful in the study of geology. The study area is part of the Benue trough, which is a fundamental sedimentary basin in Nigeria. The Nigeria sedimentary basins belong mainly to the group of younger (Mesozoic to Cenozoic) sedimentary basins of West Africa, (Nwajide, 2013).  Product of sedimentary rocks have been a major commodity which has sustained lives and economies of developed or developing nations, and further detailed study on its use and maintenance is necessary so as not only to develop new uses but also to preserve products of sedimentary rocks for future generations.

Thus the field work at Amuro provided a better practical understanding of the geology of the area which involves its Geomorphology, Regional/structural Geology, Hydrogeology, Economic Geology, Sedimentary facies of the area.

1.1      Aims and Objectives of the Study

The aim of this study is to investigate into “The geology of Amuro and environs near Afikpo, Ebonyi state”. The objectives of this study are:

  1. To carry out detailed geologic mapping of the study area indicating the various lithologies and noting the physical characteristics of the observed lithologies within the area in other to produce a detailed geologic map.
  2. Grain size analysis of the sandstones, which will involve microscopic study of these rocks under thin section.
  3. Determination of environment of deposition of the study area; the analysis would involve palynological sample analysis.

1.2     Location an.d Extent

Amuro is a village close to Amasiri community located in Afikpo area, Afikpo North Local Government Area, Ebonyi state. Its coordinate is 05057N and 07052E with elevation of 31 metres. Other prominent topographical structures close to Amuro are: Crush Stone Quarry at Amasiri development Centre and Ezeke Modern Primary School at Amuro-Ndukwe.

It is situated in the southern Benue trough of Nigeria and is bordered to the north by the town of Ibi community, to the North east by Ozara-ukwu in Afikpo North LGA, to the South by Amangwu and to the South east by Amasiri. Amuro and its environs span an area approximately 18 square kilometers in size. It is located within the co-ordinates of latitude 5053’N and 5055’N, and longitude 7054’E and 7057’N and it lies at an elevation of about 31m above sea level.

1.3     Physiography of the Area