This study assessed the problems and challenges of female secretaries and achievement of organization efficiency in Ijebu-Ode Local Government area.  It employed descriptive approach of data gathering and analysis. Fifty (50) female secretaries were selected for the study. The non-parametric tool of chi-square was employed for the purpose of data analysis; three research hypotheses were tested in all.

Data analyzed revealed that female secretaries face different challenges in their work environment.  These challenges range from sexual assault to dynamism in work environment.  The researcher however recommended that organizations should procure as many modern technological gadgets as are available in the market to enable female secretaries increase their productivity.


1.0                      INTRODUCTION

In any establishment, the secretary is seen as a key factor to other personnel in an organization.  It is quite impossible to by-pass the secretary to other executives; hence the role of the secretary cannot be over-emphasized.  A secretary has been given so many titles as pillar, mirror and skeletal structure of an establishment.

The word secretary has been in existence for a very long time precisely as soon as business organization came into being. The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary defined a secretary as an employee in an office, who deals with correspondence, keeps records, make arrangements and appointment for a particular member of staff.

A secretary is the principal administrative support position in an office and increases the effectiveness of program staff by coordinating the paper flow of the office and carrying out the day-to-day administrative support activities required to accomplish the work of the organization.  The tasks which the secretaries perform fall into four broad categories; communication, coordination, organizations and records maintenance.  Within these categories, Secretaries perform a variety of tasks which enable managers and staffs to accomplish the mission of the agency.

It is pertinent to say that, despite the facts that secretary has many roles to play in the management of any organization, so also there are many challenges and problems facing the secretary which may affect the proper running of an organization, especially the female secretaries.

These problems may range from interpretation of words, tact’s in handling of office routines, inability to tackle complex situation, gender, and lack of general secretary skills to enhance efficiency.

Therefore, a female secretary needs to have good basic educational background and experience.  In addition, a female secretary should have good secretarial skills in shorthand, typewriting, she must be computer literate and sound knowledge of English Language and practical experience of office works since a female secretary is expected to ease the burden of her boss whose work and responsibilities make heavy demand upon her.

1.1               STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The following areas are to be identified such as lack of recognition for a female secretary, sexual assault from the boss, difficult boss, gender and working hours have become a very serious problem in an organization.  Drastic measure needs to be taken to prevent these problems among the female secretaries in an organization.

Considering the problems and challenges faced by the female secretaries from their boss, it arouses the interest of the researcher to appraise the challenges faced among female secretaries in an organization.


The purpose of this study is to highlight the challenges and problems facing a female secretary and achievement of the organization efficiency.

This project will also expose the cause of the problems and challenges of female secretaries and the effect on the organization they work for.  It will reveal the ideal type of relationship a female secretary should maintain with the public.

1.3                RESEARCH QUESTIONS

1.              Are female secretaries more effective than male secretaries in an organization?

2.              Will stress at both home and office liable to destabilize competent female secretary?

3.              Is pregnancy a major setback for female secretaries to do their job efficiently?

4.              Will cordial relationship between the boss and secretary enhance productivity?

5.              Are female secretaries facing assault from their boss?

1.4                RESEARCH HYPOTHESES

1.     Female secretaries are more effective than male secretaries in an organization.

2.     Stress at both home and office are liable to destabilize competent female secretary.

3.     Pregnancy is major setback for female secretaries to do their job efficiently.

4.     Cordial relationship between the boss and secretary can enhance productivity.

5.     Female secretaries are said to be seductive and sometimes face sexual assault from their boss.


The success and achievement of any organization depends on a great deal of the effectiveness and efficient performance of its secretaries.  Knowing this fact, management has tried to adopt, effective personal policies on how best to encourage these secretaries so as to get the best from them in terms of output and flow of information effective use of time and efficient running of the organization.