This research project is basically to help undergraduates or even be handy for computer graphic programmers who want to learn and know more about the basis of computer animation programming and even go a step further to knowing it role in advertising because this research project gives some deep and explanatory as earlier stated.

       As discussed earlier in animation itself, to ‘animate’ is literally to give life to ‘Animating’ is moving something, which cannot move itself and its concern with time so, computer animation is the art of creating moving images via the use of computers or the use of computer to create animations. It is a sub field of computer graphic and animation.

       There are different method operate or make computer animations.

       Increasingly it is created by means of 3D computer graphics or animation; through 2D computer graphics are still widely used. Sometimes the target of the animation is the computer itself sometimes the target is another medium, such as file. One way to create computer animation is to create objects and render them. This method produces perfect and three-dimensional looking animations.

       To create the illusion of movement an image is displayed on the computer screen then quickly replaced by a new image that is similar to the previous image, but shifted slightly. This technique is clinical to how the illusion of movement is achieved with television and motion picture

i.                                    SAMPLE EXAMPLE (CA)

              The screen is blanked to a background color such as back. Then a filled red circle is drawn in the center of the screen. Next the screen is blanked; but the red circle is drawn slightly to the right of its original position. This process is repeated, each time moving the circle a bit to the right. If this process is repeated fast enough the red circle would appear to move smoothly to the right. This basic procedure is used for all moving pictures in films and television.

ii.                                  TOOLS

           Computer animation can be done on a variety of computers, simple cell animation requires nothing more than that a computer system capable of simple graphics with proper animation software. Unfortunately, most of the computer animation that you see on television and in other areas is done on extremely sophisticated workstation. This page is broken into two software and hardware,

       There are some of the most popular software packages used by companies schools and individual all around the globe.

1.3D Studio Max

2. 3D Studio

3. Light ware 3D

4. Adobe PhotoShop

5. Animator StudioEXPLANATION

       To trick the eye and brain into thinking they are seeing a smoothly moving object the picture must be drawn at about 24 frames per second (FPS) or faster (a frame is one complete image). With rates above 70 FPS, no improvement in realism or smoothness is perceivable due to the way the eye and brain process images at rates below 24FPS, most people can detect Jerkiness associated with the drawing of new images which detracts0 from the illusion of realistic movement. Conventional hand-draw cartoon animation often used 12EPS in order to save on the number of drawings needed, but this is usually accepted because of the stylized nature of cartoons. Because it produces more realistic imagery computer animation demands higher frame rates to reinforce this realism.

      The reason no Jerkiness is seen at higher speeds is due to ‘persistence of vision’ from movement to movement the eye and brain looking together actually store whatever you look at for a fraction of a second and automatically smooth out’ minor jumps movie film seen in a theater runs at 24FPS which is sufficient to this illusion of continuous movement.


Advertising is mass communication that advertising pays for in order to convince a certain segment of the public to adopt ideas or take actions of benefit to the advertisers.

        In the 1950s the advert of television, which is one of the faster way of advertising, developed fast to the advertising medium #1.

Now advertising could demonstrate thee use of their products and present well know figures to praise it. They also arrange emotions through television.

       One of the most popular uses for computer animation is in television advertising some of thee models that the commercial would see extremely difficult to animation in the past (i.e. saxophones, boxes of detergent, bathrooms, kitchen etc.) this is use or was discovered. The modeled objects would then be animated and incorporated with live video. The process involved in modeling and create the animation could take as many weeks.

          In most case, advertising needs media to be inserted. Usually, animation is used images derived from live film.

Sometimes the animation detail is so high, that viewers can’t tell if what they are seeing is real or not.

       In this context of computer animation in advertising, the effects of animation in Online Banner Advertising will be assess; Hierarchy of effects models.

       This study/ research attempts to examine the effects of animation banner ads, as well as the moderating effects of involvement, on each stage of the hierarchy of effects model.

The result of this study/ research provide support for the notion that animated banner ads prompt better advertising has better attention – grubbing capabilities, and generates higher recall more favorable Ad.

       While online advertising has grown dramatically during the past several years (low 2000) attracting individuals attention and persuading them remain one of the critical issues for the practitioner. The only way these practitioner can make a big hit is by the innovation of animation in the ads.

       The also attempts to assess the effect of animation banner ads over status ads with the framework of the hierarchy of effects.