The role of English as a Lingua Franca in European projects: The case of the RSGAE project


English is undoubtedly the Lingua Franca (ELF) in Europe, as it is used for academic and professional communication. However, it is also used to foster other European languages for specific purposes in different countries and contexts. In this paper we will refer to the role of ELF as a tool to promote multilingualism. In order to provide a pragmatic example, we will be using the Ready-Study-Go-Around-Europe! (RSGAE) project, which aims to produce online material for Vocational Education and Training, to demonstrate the role English plays within a European project, and its influence in the promotion of other European languages. It has been found that, on the one hand, ELF is crucial for interpersonal, administrative and academic communication within the project, and on the other hand, it foments the use of other EU languages for academic and professional purposes. Finally, it has been concluded that English in its role of lingua franca eases international communication and contributes to social, cultural and linguistic awareness in Europe.