This research study was set to examine the use of alcohol and Christian behaviour in Oyigbo Local Government Area of Rivers State. Due to the misunderstanding of brethren who made reference to the book of I Timothy 5:23. Many people especially Christians who delight in alcohol intake find it faultless because God made it. Considering this aspect of drinking, I was eager to make a research on alcohol usage in order to ratify the standing point of Christians as it is pertinent to the “use of alcohol and Christian behaviour.” The method of research used in the study was survey. The instruments used were questionnaire and oral interview which are analyzed in a tabular form and findings that followed were discussed. The solutions to these problems were recommended. At the end of the research, it has been discovered that Christians should abstain from any form of intoxication of alcohol beverage, if he or she is sick little can assist for health therapeutic but when taken excessively you sin against God and destroy your body.



1.1     Background of the Study

The issue of “alcohol” intake, especially as it regards Christianity is a situation that has been debated on for several years in the Churches of Christ. This issue has given rise to division, some sect supports drinking a little using “I Tim. 5:23” as a support for their claims while others say it is not good for Christians to take it at all. Based on this problem, Christians are confused whether or not to take it as it regards to their claims.

The term “alcohol” is been known to be a colourless, volatile, flammable liquid that is the intoxicating constituent of wine, beer, spirits and other drinks and also used as an industrial solvent and as fuel this point out to the search made using search engine.    

Many Christians have been under the influence of alcohol beverages which has made them become incapable of preaching the word of God even to the unbelievers wherever they find themselves. Alcohol beverages causes danger to a person when taken, it can damage physical health and cause uncontrolled speech, action or can lead to accident that causes death when intoxicated. Alcohol is not only found on beverages but also starchy foods which was discovered base on the research made about it e.g. of such starchy foods are rice, maize, garri etc. while cocaine, cigarette etc. are made up of drugs and tobacco which yield from plants.

Many seminars and forums have been held to tackle this problem but it seems to prove abortive because this people still continue on what they know and have uphold.

This research work shall be looking at the relationship between the Christians and alcohol, we shall know if it is right for Christian to associate themselves with alcohol, what percentage of alcohol should be taken by a Christian, is it a sin to take alcohol beverages explanation of I Tim. 5:23 and many others as this research will reveal.   

1.2     Historical Background of the Study 

The use of alcohol as it relates to Christianity has caused a lot of problems. The problems caused by alcohol are enormous and the most outstanding problem associated with alcohol beverages is that it hinders the individual Christian growth which ultimately affects the church.

Alcohol and Christian behaviour is an issue common to the inhabitant of selected Churches of Christ, Oyigho Local Government Area, and Rivers State which makes the basis of the research formed. Moreover many brethren who make alcohol beverages their bosom friend which in turn influences their behaviour as Christian use I Tim. 5:23 to support their claims. Some say it is only he who aspires to be an elder or a deacon that is commanded to abstain from using alcohol beverages.

Therefore, this work seeks to establish that there is a problem in the brotherhood due to lack of understanding the role alcohol beverages plays in Christian life. It is the focus of this research to proffer solutions to these problems.