1.1  Background of the Study

Ezen-mor festival is one of the most celebrated festival of Umusadege people. The word Ezen-mor means the king of masquerade. Ezen-mor is a festival that brings peace, prosperity and development to the community and this festival is observed every three years and falls in the month of March. The Ezen-mor festival to the best of my knowledge has never been documented or recoded by any one because of the ancient belief that Ezen-mor cannot be captured with camera or any modern technology because it is part of what the masquerade forbids.

This propelled me into the research of Ezen-mor because a festival that is as entertaining, colourful with lots of artistic performances should not be left as a mere piece of memory, but a should be documented in form of video, photography and in a written form for people outside the Umusadege community and in diaspora to know and appreciate. This is why I documented it property in video, photograph and in a written form so that when it is picked up to be read or watched it’s theatrical and artistic elements can be appreciated.

1:2  Objective of the Study

       The primary objective of this study or research work is to study Ezen-mor cultural festival as an artistic and theatrical performance. It begins with the definition of culture and festival then the analyses of the festival. Second, objective is to document, preserve, promote and project this cultural festival as an important heritage of Umusadege people.

1.3  Rationale for the Study

A lot of research has been carried out in the area of culture and festival but none has focus on Ezen-mor festival of Umusadege people. Hence, this research was carried out to fill this vacuum, this research is important because it explores Ezen-mor as a theatrical performance that provides social entertainment. It also express the cultural values of Umusadege people. This research intend to project and promote the festival of Ezen-mor of Umusadege people.

1.4  Significance

This research work will be of immense benefit to those who wish to carry out further investigation on Ezen-mor festival. It will be a source of enlightenment to younger generation of Umusadege people living in diaspora who have lost touch with culture.

1.5  Methodology

This study or research will employ the historical, the sociological and literary methods. The researcher interacted with the members of the community and interviewed them on issues related to the festival. The researcher was also a participant observer. The historical methodology was used to investigate the origin of Umusadege, the origin and creation of the festival. Finally the literary method was used in the process of conceptualizing Ezen-mor festival.

1.6  Limitation

Lack of information on previous writing about Ezen-mor festival was one of the biggest limitation. There was also factors of secrecy on the part of the elders because they felt that it was best to keep the information on the festival to themselves.