Passport is a document that is issued by government to an individual citizen that allows the citizen forinternational travelAlso, It is a document that gives permission to the bearer to be accepted by immigration for entry into another country is an essential document of identification for international travel.

A Passport contain immigrants particulars such as the state of origin, name of country, status etc, which help for the identification for international relationship to enable countries of poor economic exchange their goods and services, share scare resources and compensate their shrinking birth rate and stagnant pool of skilled labor

Automation which is the use of computers to perform manual works will help to fasten international relations, hence the need for an automated passport, system the Nigeria immigrated services (NIS) has come a long way since it was extracted from the Nigerian police force (NPFF) in 1958, as a separateentityentrusted with immigration duties under the leadership of the Chief federal immigration officer. The new department inherited the immigration ordinance of 1958 for its operation.

This early period saw the immigration department maintaining a haw profile and very simple approach. In achieving the desired goal of the government whereby only the visa section and he business section were set up. In line with the reciprocal nature of immigration laws worldwide, the federal minister of internal affairs made amendments to existing haws and new ones appropriately.

In August 1, 1963, the NIS came of age through ICS formal establishment by an act of parliament (section 5 of immigration Act L.N Cap 171) Thus, the first set of immigration officers who were formally NPF officer were constituted into a department under the control and supervision of the federal ministry of internal affairs (FMIA) as a purely civil service outfit

In 1966, an upsurge in immigration activities led to the opening of area offices in Ibadan Ilesha, Akure, warri, Benin City, Sample, Caliber, Eriugu etc. During this period, location of area held quarters was not based on state capital but the level of immigration activities in a town. Another significant event was the creation immigration out-pasts in foreign countries. In 1976, Gen OlusegunObasanjo, who was then the head of state the first set of countries to which immigration officers were posted includes Britain U.S.A, USSR, Western Germany, Italy and India. Later officers and some immigrants to retrieve their information quickly and conveniently rather than searching through file cabinet.

It will help to promote international trade.


In preparing for 21st century challenges, the NIS realized the need to improve their public relations role in terms of interacting with prospective foreign investors. The NIS is facing an enormous task of training their officers. in order to detect fraudulent travel documents, boarderpatrol techniques, investigation techniques, human dignity, how to relate to the public and tactics to reduce human trafficking and to correct some negative impression created by successive militant administration in the area of corruption, Advanced free fraud (419) and crimes.

Apart from above challenges which is been realized, other problems facing the immigration service, Aba zone to be precise and which they have to consider is to computerize the operation of the zonal office by creating a database of staff payroll and creating a website to ease information retrieval by information seen (immigrant magazine).Other problems include:

  1. The implementation of ECOWAS protocol in which checkpoints have been removed along the border routes.
  2. Need for a lot of operational vehicles
  3. Need for an effective helicopters to carry out a surveillance
  4. need to centralize the network for the issuance of passport so that a passport issued in one zone cannot be re-issued in another zone.


The aim and objectives of this project is to computerize the procedures of passport application an renewal. Also finding a way of safeguarding files and other relevant documents about issued passports the project is to provide among others following specific objectives.

  1. To design an automated passport system to provide instant information about any specified passport holder.
  2. To determine what type of passport an applicant is to be issued
  3. To determine if an applicant is qualified for the issuance of a passport.
  4. To generates reports about all the applicant and qualified a applicant.

This project work is aimed at designing and developing a faster and efficient system for passport processing and delivery so as to correct and improve the anomalies and inefficiencies associated with the manually prepared passport in the Nigeria immigration service, Aba. This will help to promote international relations. The essence of automating the passport system is because of the following reasons. System is because of the following arsons

to develop a database that Improvement: the manually prepared passport has a poor quality but


This project the computerization of passport application and renewal with special reference to standard Nigeria passport which is the commonest among all types of passport issued in Nigeria it is also intended to keep master record of all the applicants issued with passport.