This is a research study on the application of value analysis as a cost reduction tools in a manufacturing firm in Patezon Zonchnois cussons Nigeria plc Aba.
The research study is written to analysis critically the specified quality assurance of the organization.
The purpose of the study is to investigate the decision of what materials to be used in the organization and to emphasize the action of the committee members in Patezon Zonchnois cussons Nigeria plc Aba not mainly the purchasing manager duty.
It is also intended to make useful suggestions and recommendations that might help in areas analysis to the impact of application of value analysis as a cost reduction tools to material management in this industry.
This project begins with an introduction. The subject matte centres on Paterzon Zonchonis Nigeria plc a giant name in manufacturing industries.
The importance and limitation of the study are also outlined in chapter one.
In chapter two the literature of some writer and authors as it concerns value analysis are reviewed. Chapter three states the methodology the researcher adopted in taking the study.
Result of investigation conducted are presented and analysed in chapter four under the heading data presentations.
In chapter five, the researcher summarized recommendations and concluded his work on his findings. The study was rounded up by setting out bibliography which references the authors of the texts and journals used in the questionnaires which he used to gather his information.



  1. Background To The Study

The dynamic nature of our times has put so much on business that their survival can no longer be taken for granted but must be sort for. That a business strength progressed or outpaced its competitors depends largely on the quality and strength of its management. People always make enquires pertaining to the issues that arouse their interests-How, where, when, how and what it will cost to get the necessary information, that will aid the attainment of the organizational goals.

In all human transactions, we do talk of cost almost each minute of the day. All our daily expenses are been resolved in terms of cost-what cost, how cheap, how costly.

In our offices we passively talk of cost savings, cost of materials, overhead service cost, labor cost and many others.

In an economist’s point of view, we visually hear the same song-marginal cost, opportunity cost, cost curve,  total cost and whatelse?

The above submissions attempt to suggest that cost

perhaps is a most important concept in our every day lives and most diversely conceived.