This study was carried out to look at the attitude of undergraduate students towards the use of journals at the Delta State University Library Abraka and suggest possible ways on how to encourage undergraduate students to make use of journals for their re- search work and study and also for Delta State University library, Abraka to improve in the services of meeting users information needs. Review of related literature were sourced under the following concepts: the importance of journal awareness among undergraduate students, the acquisition of current journal used among undergraduate students, the relevance of organizing journals among undergraduate students, the challenges encountered by undergraduate students in the use of journals, kinds of journals publication. A descriptive survey research design was used for the study and one hundred and twenty one (121) students were used as respondents who answered the questionnaire posed by the researcher. A simple percentage was used for analysis of data. The research findings revealed that journals are used among undergraduate students and the journals enhance the development of personal philosophy in a code of ethics. Undergraduate students make use of current journals in academic libraries. It therefore shows that undergraduate students benefit from the use of journals in the following ways: Through personal growth and development, intuition and self expression, problem solving, stress reduction and health benefits. Based on the findings, recommendations were made to upgrade the standard of journal use among undergraduate students of Delta State University Abraka, that more current journals should be provided for undergraduate use, that funds are made available to purchase more journals in Delta State University library, Abraka for undergraduate students use.



Background to study

Journals are a good source of primary information. They are published on a regular basic (usually quarterly for monthly). Some journals publish articles that report on the outcomes of academic research while others provide prac- tical information to practitioners in the field. The library subscribes to a range of journals types from magazine through to journals that details academic research.[31]. To this end,[32], journals could be seen as a bond note, book, a ring binder full of papers, a collection of electrical particles on computer disk or an audio tape, people journal in different ways. At heart, though a journal is a day book, a place to record daily happenings. A journal as further stated by[32], is a tool for self discovery, an aid to concentration, a mirror for the soul, a place to generate and capture ideas, a safety value for the emotions, a training ground for the writer and a good friend in confident. Journals shares same qualities with things like logs and diary. It records experience and events over a period of time. Writing and keeping journals also entails conscious reflection and commentary.