Corporate government is considered the general framework for supervisory procedures, and control on Board of Directors: on order to ensure procedure correctness related management control process, executive management, and correctness of measures to be objective this ensure maintaining shareholders rights through strengthening of the organization financial performance. One of the main reason that led to major companies collapse is department complicity, weak structure, weak control and follow-up units, and lack of disclosure and transparency required to enhance the entity of the organization and main stakeholder rights with the company and the shareholders, which led to deficiencies in companies financial performance, since financial performance is considered one of the most important measures of management efficiency and indicating implement commitment of  rules and standards used in organization.


1.2 Background of the Study

Corporate government is a number of process, policies, law and institutions which impacts on the way a company is controlled. An important theme of corporate government is the nature and extent of accountability of people in the business and mechanism that try to decrease the principle agent problem

Corporate government also include the relationships among the many stakeholders involved and the goals for which the corporation is governed; An essential condition for the survival of a company or more generally of an organization lies on the ability of its members to act reliably and efficiently to achieve the objectives of the organization. In a very small business. The substance coordination of behavior can be achieved in numerous way. The manager can verify directly that they tasks are performed on the way he thinks which is suitable. But the supervision of the manager and the mutual adjustment among various actors Mintzberg, (1982) are quickly becomes insufficient when the number of the firms increased.

The issues of corporate governance is thereby complete with completed issues connecting ideal institutional mechanism effective monitoring and balancing of competing interest of stakeholders (both internal and external to the corporate governance structure (William 2005) today corporate governance is complex and mosaic consisting of law registration. According to Sir Adriah Cadbury (2000) the corporate governance framework is there to encourage the efficient use of resource and equally for required accountability for the stewardship of those resources.

  • Statement of Problem

In the past, so many organizations in Nigeria have been involved in unethical practices, which puts the credibility of their corporate image dout. As such Airtel communication. Company just like other network communication company have been constraint with issues arising  from customers complaint of network quality are frequent cuts of Fibre networks which link the cell sites. Previous resources into the subject has brought to light the poor governance of so many companies with indebted account in Nigeria economy. Their accounting system did not reflect the companies financial status. A typical example is the financial scan of Oceanic and intercontinental Bank after the consolidation. Most management of such outfit were not accountable to stakeholders of the companies. Beside, the counts and the regulatory, agencies were short of authority, corruption and kickbacks were part of the system in the companies. The poor governance practices led to the collapse of so many companies  in Nigeria. Hence the need to study corporate governance and it impact on the achievement of organizational goals.

  • Objective of the Study
  1. To examine the internal and external corporate governance in an organizational structure
  2. To examine the effect of corporate governance in an organization
  3. To identify the systemic problem of corperate governance in an organization structure
  4. To proffer workable solution to the identified problem



The study will be significant to achieving of the organizational goals especially as they utilize enhancing policy governance in the organization. The study will also add to the existing knowledge on the subject matter and will also be a reference material for further research on corperate governance.


The central research question is what is the impacts of corperate governance on the achievement of organizational goals?

The specific questions are:

  1. Does corperate governance affect the achievement of organizational goals.
  2. Does the internal and external corperate governance control mechanism of any significant in an organization.
  3. Is there any systemic problem of corperate governance in an organization
  4. Is there any possible solution to such problem.


The study covers the examination of corperate governance. The organizational structure the collection of the empirical data is limited to the organization.


The limitation of this study arise from the short coming of the research design. The instrument of data collection and non-challant attitude of respondent for the fact the survey study is used. It is not certain whether other research design such as description design historical design or ex-post design will yield the same result. It is not certain whether other research design such as description design historical design or ex-port design will yield the same result, it is not also certain if the same result would be obtained if other kind of instrument of data collection other than the questionnaire is used to obtain data, beside, the mom-challant attitude of the respondents and the over exaggeration or understatement of their responses which scoring the items in the questionnaire could affect the validity of their responses. These limitations should be taken cognizance of by other researchers conducting similar studies.


Corperate governance: this is relationship that exist between the different participants and defending the direction of the firm .

Corperation: this refers to corporate entity or body by means of which capitals is acquired, used for inventory in Assets producing goods and service.

Share holders: people who have inested in a company through subscribing to the company’s stock.

Board structure: management at the top comprising of board of directors.

Ownership structure: shareholders and directors

CEO: Acronym for chief executive officers.



        In summary, the first group of research question in the study concentrates on design strategies that separate decision control in board of the organization. The second group of questions concentrates on design strategies that integrate decision management with decision control in boards in these countries. The third group of questions focuses on the transformation and convergence of corperate boards. (Use also table) 1.2 for an overview of the organization of this research.

Chapter two first elaborates on the diversity of corperate governance roles in the organization by the literature. This chapter conceptualizes the service role, the control roles and the strategic roles of board of directors.These board roles are considered to be part of boards decision management and decision control activities, the final independent of corporate boards is understood by a structure that separate decision management from decision control. In addition to a description of the formal independence of boards. Chapter two also presents an overview of corporate governance research frame work to capture the complex literature on board involvement indecision making. Based on the literature review this also distinguishers two competing perspectives of board organization: the conflict and the consensus perspectives of board organization.


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