1.1     Background of the Study

The Influence of foreign television programmes on local culture can not be over emphasis, foreign or western television programmes are those programmes that reflect the culture of most broadcast station in other words, it is the same as western culture transmitted through television programmes to unidentified groups or individual. In the course of this study three of these foreign television programmes have been selected they are film, food, fashion.

The film use for this study is title “American Gangster” written by Steven Zaulliam and Marle Jacobson. It is directed by Ridley Scott. The story line is about a honest cop in a city of corruption who work assiduously to bring down the drug empire in the United State of America.

Carlton food network is another foreign television programme this study will undertake. The programme is provided by Carlton television showing food and cookery programmes. This programmes is what is known as good food.

Fashion television is another foreign television programmes that has been selected in the course of this study fashion television is an international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting television channel founded in France in 1997 by Michael Adam Lisowski. This programme is dedicated to fashion style, beauty and glamour.

In life, changes do not just occur without being attributed to some other things. Ibibio culture in recent times has been changing, the course of this study will help to change the effects of the above mentioned foreign television programmes based on Ibibio culture in term of film or drama food, and fashion or styles.

Culture as we know is simply the totality of a way of life of a particular group of people at a particular time. Cultures distinguishes human beings from other animals, in that human are able to construct patterns of behaviour for themselves and transmit same from person to person and down from generation to generation.

A particular culture is subject to changes based on the effect of other culture o it. A certain culture can be adulterated, abandon or reject as a result of people exposure to other forms of cultures other than their own. This can mostly be attributed to foreign television programmes as selected in this study.

1.2     Statement of the Problem

Foreign television programmes had been a dominant feature in many of our broadcast stations.

The preference of foreign programmes by most station generated a lot of interest by viewers this is to the detriment of our indigenous programme which had been relegated to the background. Based on this development our indigenous culture in terms of food, fashion and film happen to have been forgotten completely because of much preference of foreign television programmes. Therefore this work seeks to find out the influence this foreign programmes has on Ibibio culture and to fine solution on how indigenous programme or culture can be developed and preserved.


1.3     Objectives of the Study

  • To find out the influence of foreign television programmes on Ibibio culture.
  • To determine the level of exposure to foreign television programmes by the residents of Uyo.
  • To ascertain the channels through which the residents of Uyo are expose to foreign television programmes.
  • To examine ways of preserving Ibibio culture from foreign influences.

1.4     Research Questions