A poor description of the reservoir characteristics usually poses a unique problem in exploration and production there by leading to poor development and management of a reservoir field to yield optimum profit required. An accurate description is thus a vital key to an improved field development planning and management. This study illustrates how an integration of empirically determine oil effective permeability data was correlated as a function of average reservoir pressure. This is to provide the reservoir engineer with another tool to help him appreciate the importance of empirically determined data in estimating some reservoir properties during oil field planning, development and management to ensure optimum production from the fields.



Of all the formation parameters that petroleum Engineers use , permeability is one of the most important. Oil and Gas use both accurate and approximate permeability values. These values frequently are compared and correlated which are then used to make important conclusions about formation flow potential and for various aspect of reservoir management and development.

Rock formation permeability is one important flow parameter associated with subsurface production and injection .Its importance is reflected by the number of available technique (well-log evaluation, core measurements and well testing ) typically used to estimate it. The literature is full of comparison and correlations of permeability from these sources which are used to make important conclusions without proper regard to the interrelationship among them.

Permeability estimates by individuals techniques within the various permeability

sources can vary with the state of rock (in –Situ Environment), Fluid Saturation distribution flow direction etc. Correlation determines the degree of linear relationship between two variables at a time. Oil effective permeability is correlated as a function of pressure because some relationship exist between them and is found when a change in pressure result in a change in the oil permeability

value of the reservoir. Hence in this project topic titled Empirical Correlation of oil effective permeability, a comprehensive relationship between the two variables will be shown and new values will be predicted as well. This paper reviews the commercial available permeability estimation techniques and discusses the important factors that illustrate their interrelationships which allow meaningful permeability comparisons and correlations.