1.1 Introduction


The media have extensively been involved in the development of agricultural in Nigeria. Some Nigeria opted for agriculture as one of her activities; the media have focused in enhancing agricultural programmes organized by different agricultural bodies. For instance in Akwa Ibom State different bodies do merge to promote the agricultural activities in Nigeria.

These are the Akwa Ibom agricultural development programme’

These organization works hand in hand with the federal government of Nigeria. The dissemination of agricultural information to the farmers is none through appropriate channels that help in developing agriculture in Nigeria.

It is on this basis that ldowu (2000) states that the media assist the government in disseminating important messages to various groups of people through its different channels as stated by Dickson (2003) “agriculture cannot experience significant development without exploiting all possible channels of agriculture information because agriculture information channels. In addition to the advantages of other mass media, information can be kept for future reference”.


Going through the media’s function, it could be said that the media provide basic function about the development of agriculture’

For instance, the different channels of media communication such as the radio, television and the print play vital role in agricultural development. By going to the remote areas to conduct interviews’ the media contribute a lot to agricultural development. AKBC radio FM 90.5 do interview farmers and find out their problems during livestock rising or on farming methods. This enables the radio to transmit such interviews to its listeners. Sometimes agricultural experts do employ the services of the radio to captivate the listeners on the various agricultural developments.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

The farmers are facing many problems in rural areas where they could not gain proper knowledge and information regarding agricultural related issues. The lack of awareness and lack of resources farmers have no ideas about selling their product in the market. Illiterate is also a big problem among farmers, they have no knowledge about the use of pesticides, fertilizers and technique of new technology in farming. Mass media is spreading very fast but non-availability of infrastructure and electricity is one of the big problems in rural areas where people could not know how to use these technologies in Proper way.

It is expected that latest technology accessibility could centers but not successfully transmitted most modern agricultural techniques which were possible by dissemination of agricultural information among the farmers.


In view of the above problems, the researchers seek to know the role played by the media in the dissemination of agricultural information to the farmers in Akwa Ibom state. The question that begs for answer here is could it be said that AKADEP has done well in educating the farmers of Ibesikpo Asutan?


Objectives of the Study

The objectives of the study sought to:

  1. Find out the socio-economic characteristics of the farmers in the study area
  2. Find out if the farmers are informed on agricultural programme aired by AKBC radio.
  3. Find out the extent the radio programmes “the farmer” have impacted on farmers agricultural development.
  4. Determine the media most suitable in presenting agricultural information to the farmers’
  5. Find out how the radio programme could intensify agricultural development in Ibesikpo Asutan.


1.4 Research Questions

The research questions formulated were:

  1. What extent have the media been involved in agricultural development?
  2. Is there any link between the media and agricultural development?
  3. Which of the media could easily be identify with AKADEP?
  4. How could the media intensify agricultural development in Akwa Ibom state?

1.5 Significant of the Study

The research work has a great meaning to the researcher personally and it is significant to other researchers. The study needs closer attention in order to add new methods to the media on agricultural development. Different groups of people will benefit from the research work such as the students in the department of mass communication, mass expert and management of Akwa Ibom agricultural development programme (AKADEP)


1.6 Delimitation of the Study

The study’s Scope is AKBC radio programme “the farmer” an agricultural programme of Akwa Ibom Agricultural Development Programme (AKADEP) which is aired on AKBC radio every Wednesday of the week.


1.7 Limitation of the Study

In the course of carrying out this research, many problems confronted the researcher among which are;