1.1 Background of the Study

As a profession that serves the interest of the public. Journalist has degree responsibilities in the society. Every day, journalist face challenges that test their ethical values and responsibility to truth telling despite professional code of ethics, journalist may violates the rules by accepting bribes white covering news or features. this is some cases lowers the journalists credibility and undermines a professional career. corruption is dangerous to society and can be extremely devastating to media.

Therefore while acknowledging the attempt by the federal government to fight corruption and economic and stake holder to adopt zero tolerance attitude to corruption in the media and indeed in the society at large. Some protagonists of African tradition have argued seriously that corruption in its presents would and character is part of our colonial heritage. According to Sanni (2009. P.39) assert that gratification is the greatest albatross and the most virulent log militating against good governance and national development in Nigeria. it remain anal pervading vivid afflicting all tiers of government in agreement with this point of views. It has been observe that bribery and corruption as a form of anti-social behavior by individual and social group which confers unjust or fraudulent is a big problem in Nigeria society affirms that “effects of bribery” or “brown envelope” in Nigeria society cannot be overemphasized.

Gratification is indeed a conkeralorm that has eaten deep into the fabric of Nigeria society. It is a moster that all sundry blame for the economic woe facing the country. This is because bribery and corruption is seen as one of the major impediments of the economic development of the nation. It is perhaps, the only feasan why nothing seems to be working.

Journalist may use the media for their personal ends or for greater social good to serve the public. As human needs are insatiable, there are chances were some may sacrifice the public interest for their selfish motives ignoring the social responsibility. Such miss behavior damages journalists and the profession’s integrity and reputations. According to Crider (1983, P.422) in this view poised that journalism practice involves the gathering packing and disseminating of news to general public, general in today’s society the mass media are seem as veritable instruments of information dissemination, social mobilization and control. It is one of the means through which the public is educated and sensitized about important issues affecting the live of people. And as such our ethical pitfails like “brown envelope” money and favour journalist collect their source to journalists in the hope of attracting or shaping information. Such reporting may colour news content or brighter stories with hidden agenda. However, journalism practice as noble profession demands for discipline and ethical behaviour to uphold the crucial and dependency  of the society on the mass media for survivals. The public requirement information according to UNESCO (1981, P.432) this is indeed in order to react knowledgeably to personal conditions, as well as be in a position to take appropriate decision. Through numerous educational programmes, Such as quizzes, debates and document arises the public can be concretized on the need to accord people their proper position. Unfortunate due to government pressure on the journalism, poverty and lack of training, may cause journalist to engage on some unethical practices such as sensationalism, invasion of privacy particularly brown envelop. It also observed that the development affects credibility media audience, listeners, readers viewers etc. has lost confidence on mass media content owing to influence of gratification on journalist news judgement and objectivity. As opposed to the journalist ethics of the professional that should guide practitioners at all times.

Ukozor (2002, P.133) poised the ethics should give the journalist a standard by which he can judge action to right or wrong, good or bed, responsible that journalist today needs to know their limitation so as not to abuse the power of the media in coronation of this view. Okunna (200, P.76) describe ethical journalist as in Bastion of democracy.

Regrettably, communication in Nigeria is mainly influence by economic extremism on one hand and government pressure on the other hand, in developing nation like Nigeria, poverty debases human dignity and causes the scale of  honour and trust for money through gratification to influence news as opposed to editors of sense of too poor considering their enormous task they perform in sociality thereby making him or her to compromise. According to Godwin and Ron (1994, P.83) there are a lot of which this is against ethics in broadcasting. Ethics according to Dominik (1994, P.434) are rules of conducts or principles of morality that point us towards the right or best way to act in a situation. Despite the consistent exhortation of the ethics codes against gifts, favours, free travel, special treatment and privileges, there is nothing rendered. the problem with favour is more than a practical one than one of ethics. Taking a four may or may not be bad but mind of the person offering on what is ion the mind of the person offering it and journalist.
Some media organization places a monetary limit on accepting these gifts; to other this practice may seem in hypocritical. There are those who feel that any gift regardless of how small should not be accepted on the other hand, nothing more than more politeness may be involved. Sambe and Ikoni (2004, P.182) points out that many media organization forbid their journalists from receiving gifts, free tickets and there are also free admission to theatre or cinema, or exhibition, show or paid events. Such rewards sometimes get journalist emotionally entangled and present conflict of interest situations. More so, media institutions therefore, prefer to adequate provision of finance for their journalist so that they would not be in want and are independent at all times, contributing to this issue by saying that some Nigerian