The research project focused on “Design and Implementation of an active Database for Managing Hypertension”. The advancement of computer technology has encourage researchers to develop software for assisting medical doctors in making decisions without consulting specialist directly. The software development exploits the potential of human intelligence such as reasoning, making decision learning (by experience) many others. Artificial intelligence is not a new concept, yet it has been accepted as a new technology in computer science. It is applied in many areas such as education, business, medical and manufacturing. This research work explores the potential of artificial intelligence technique in medical applications. A system for the diagnosis to assist medical practitioners and can also be used where the specialist are not available. It is user friendly, interactive, efficient, reliable and intelligent. It is not meant to take over the job of the medical practitioners but rather assist them to performing their duty faster and accurately.



This chapter presents the introduction to the research work on active database for hypertension diagnosis, it presents the introduction, statement of the problem, objectives of the study, significance of the study.

1.1     Statement of the Problem

Diagnosis and managing of hypertension using conventional/traditional method is bedeviled with error or inaccuracy and more so, in some cases a doctor has to scan through the literature before making diagnosis thereby spending too much time.

1.2     Objectives

The aim/ objectives of this research project is to develop application software that will handle hypertension therapy for hypertensive patient in the hospital.

The objectives of the study can be summarized thus:

  • To provides diagnosis for hypertension patients
  • To provides therapy for hypertension patients and
  • Store patients registration and diagnosis information to database for future retrieval for medical decision.