Manpower Training is very vital for any development of any Organization. Why some organizations take it very serious others take is very lightly. There is always a positive result on the part of any organization that takes up staff training and development very importantly. Any organization that fails to take it manpower training and development very necessary tends to encounter difficulties in attaining its objectives and would find it difficult to compete favourably. There are various training and development procedures that can be undertaken by organization (s). This study is about highlighting the fact that unless training and development of manpower is properly done, objectives will be very difficult to attain.

Manpower development therefore, becomes the end result of the application of power and though career development. In the public sector, employees anticipate equitable and adequate Manpower development training. One of the purpose of an organization is to permit the group of individuals to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

The study of Manpower development as in long time seen as a vital tool in enhancing employees morale which has it multiplying effect on organization’s productivity. The study of Manpower development as a tool for employees high morale towards Organizational efficiency and effectiveness has been embarked upon in attempt to access the extent to which organization especially National Television Authority (NTA) cherish and promote Manpower training and development in boosting employees morale towards organization’s output.

Therefore, the study would like to access: How far Manpower development planned with the mind of those at the top level management whenever they are planning strategies to introduce new concept to the administrative procedures with particular reference to NTA.


Some organizations in Nigeria do not engage in proper training and development of its staff, resulting to low productivity and poor organizational performance. In most cases, these organizations are not fully aware of the impacts of employee training and development on the performance of their organization, and thus they do not undertake training and development exercises for their employees.

According to Cole (2002), ill trained employees will definitely be less productive, as they do not have the necessary and complete skills and knowledge to achieve maximum performance in the organization. Training of employees must be implemented in every organization that wishes to succeed, since training enhances skills, knowledge, attributes and competencies and ultimately worker performance and productivity in organizations.


In the light of the problems already identified in 1.2 above, the study was undertaken with the following aims and objective.

To identify existing training programs at National Television Authority

2. To evaluate the effectiveness of these training programs.

3. To find out if the training programs have impacted on employee morale and the firm’s overall performance.


The following research questions were developed to guide the study:

1. What training programs does National Television Authority have?

2. Are the training programs in Guarantee Trust effective?

3. What is the impact that these training programs have had on employee morale and performance?


The hypotheses for the study are:

Ho: Training programs of National Television Authority is not effectively administered

Hi: Training programs of National Television Authority is effectively administered

Ho: There is no significant impact between manpower training and development on employee morale in National Television Authority.

Hi: There is a significant impact between manpower training and development on employee morale in National Television Authority.


The study is specified on Manpower training and development as a tool measuring employees morale, which explains the inefficiency that characterized our public sector and corporations which also result into lack of commitment to work and waste of resources which are strongly needed to enhance social and economic development.

It is hoped therefore that this study would provide information on the remote and immediate course and possible solutions to the manpower development problems as they affect NTA. This is also hoped that the finding of this study will contribute to existing knowledge and information on the area of research. It is also expected that the findings and recommendations of this study will guide NTA to establish a formidable manpower development planning.

The study would also be useful to the people who always cry that the organization does not have effective manpower development programmes, so that they know its limitations and area of help to the workers for their support and recognition of their efforts to the organization.

Finally, this study will be useful to the students that may wish to write or make research on similar topics and using this as a point of reference to re – orient them towards their profession or future research or practical endeavour.


The study is limited to the role and impact that training have on the performance of employees of NTA bank, using their branch office in Umuahia, Abia State as the focus point. The branch office constitutes an important location of NTA Bank and holds a large population of employees.


Funds were in very short supply to the researcher and the researcher could not purchase some valuable print materials needed for this project at the time they were most needed. The expenses on transportation to NTA are so enormous because of many occasions the researcher was not attended to and would have to leave without the information required.

Another constraint faced by the researcher was limited time for the completion of the project and engagement in other academic activities which occupied most of the researcher’s time.

The research was faced with some restrictionsin the area of the case study; this is due to bureaucratic reasons in the administrative procedures in the Organization. It was not possible to get all the necessary information that would have helped in producing a comprehensive research work. The process of going through some records to get data was very tedious and formidable task as some materials needed are tagged “TOP SECRET”.


Manpower: This is the human resources of an organization that coordinates and control materials, finance and others towards the attainment of an organization objectives.

Training: Training could be seen as an Organizational effort aimed at helping an employee to acquire basic skills required for the efficient and effective execution of the function for which he/she is hired for.

Development: This is a programme designed to provide new ideas and concepts that may be useful for present and future specification/response which take care of professionals and managers.

Planning: Is a strategy by which Organization ensures that right number of employees with the right talent/skill occupy the right position of the Organization. It is a deliberate effort put in place to attain a target goal.

Efficiency: This refers to an input-output relationship that is maximum work achieved for a minimum time or result. It is a notion of ‘Optimization’ whereby maximum satisfaction is obtained for a given out lay of resources.

Effectiveness: This is referred to how frequently and perfectly human or machine are able to carry out a task leading to a required output that always resulted to an Organizational efficiency. Effectiveness is therefore a means to an end”.

Organization: This is referred to as two (2) or more people working together in a co-ordinated manner to attain group results.

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