1.1    Background of the Study
Probably no other advancement since the telephone has changed the way humanity works quite as much as the computer. Today powerful computer not larger than a brief –case is on deck around the world they remember information, calculate vital business transaction create forms, draw diagrams and perform a gigabyte of other jobs that were once done by or not done at all. This  ideals that mechanical device could  perform complex mathematic  calculation faster than human difference engine, particular instructed in the 19th century but would take a  rise of electronic to advance the service beyond single adding machine
During world war II vacuum – tube filled rooms because the first actual to computer artillery tables and help with atomic bomb research, such as mensostosities did the job, but by today’s standard they were slow and nearly impossible to keep running. Computers came by way of Apollo space program need for calculating device that astronauts could carry silicon circuitry less prone to meaning out than vacuum tube and many device could be combined to build manageable size computing more powerful and speeding the rooms full of vacuum tubes.
As computer become smaller and cheaper, electronic lobbyist began experimenting with them on basements and recreation rooms. These early desktop from computers despite the enormous advancements large from previous generation were still for way of communication with people. Nevertheless; the hobby market intrigued large rest indeed recent computer history.

1.2    Statement of the Problem 
All over the world localized computing is giving way to an area of computer networking to allow for resources in information to be shared. In the department of computer science, osun state polytechnic, iree; the problem is not that of taking advantages of the least information technology, as the tools and technology of the Internet. Inability to move information freely, effectively and expeditiously within department/ school is hampering the overall progress and academic excellence of the department since untimely information may be useless.
1.3    Purpose of the Project 
Establishing an internet can help to provide easy access to information and communication in an organization. Although the traditional legal group platforms also offer these benefits. Internet expands an organization capability of access information.
1.4    Significance of the Project    
Internet solve the problem of information overload, ironically the solution is not to reduce available information. Problem arises when individual have little control over the information that come then. They buried under a maintain of data and it takes irrelevant with an Internet information would just be a mouse click away.
1.     Internet are cheap One advantage of using Internet tools to distribute university information is now cost. Networked personal computer (PCs) is all internet cheap and browser are cheap or event free. Anybody (student, staff, or lecturer) with access to a TCP/IP (transfer control protocol/Internet protocol) perhaps best of all is the fact roll out can be gradual, modular and minimally disruptive.
2.      Internet are robust Even though a world wide web (www) is just years old and the first graphical technology has been in use on the Internet al browser just 3 years much of the underlying technology has been in use on the internet for a decade or two and it is robust and reliable.
3.      Internet is fast Unlike Internet payees that takes forever to download because of a 14kbps modern on ( 28.8) and does so in a way that uses open standard and flexible or interchangeable client software and interface and greater forward  compatibility. Legacy group ware typically refers to close architecture, proprietary application like lotus notes or group ware. The tradition group ware platform is designed for users who are working in geographically conformed areas such as one office but for a large organization like computer science department.
According to (Jone 1904) the key determinant of internet valve is the organization needs as a very general rule, Internet must be useful to organization that:
(i) Share communication objectives
(ii) Value collaboration
(iii) Geographically dispersed.
As this basic list suggest, the arterial of Internet utility are objective and subjective logistically and cultural. At the very least for an Internet to be meaningful, it must reflect central focus most often common organization objectives chaired by diverse individuals groups. With so many users online the internet can be used to dissemination both static and dynamic information, static information includes general information like staff, ongoing researcher and project e.t.c. dynamic information consist of continually changing data like student data base record data and internet is usually LAN based and so pages with videos and sound can be download at speed in the mbps range.
(iv) Internet is platforms and operating system independent internet provide a unique communication form that is completely independent of the platform. The operating system being run on the platform.
(v) Internet do not scientifically increase the complexity of the computing environment, one would thing that an effective information system would increase the complexity of the computing environment, but the case is quite the opposition Internet functions perfectly as an extension to without creating in the sense that they can never be out grown and will also function across a range of hardware and software platforms which is extremely important in a large, heterogeneous environment.

1.5   Scope of the Project                    
The objective of this project is to design and implement a working protocol internet system for the Christ dominion power miracle Church. Ikirun. The design of the Internet of this project will be limited to front –end (client server) technology. The design of the Internet shall take of form displaying general information, general include rules and regulations, Church history, About us, from the pulpit, Bible study, Others branches, Youth wing, Women corner,  status, phone no, e-mail e.t.c.
1.6    Limitation of the Project                    
This project work will design a website for the Christ Dominion Power church (cdpm). The website that will be designed will display information pertaining to the church information.
1.7   Definition of Terms 
(i)   Communication: This is the interaction between the users and computer by     means of computer device. Communication takes place by only which the intended message is received, corrected interpreted and understood, accepted and appropriately acted upon by the receiver and confirmed by a feedback (eliciting of specific response from a specific person) .
(ii)   Information:  This is the desired form into which data is finally transferred after undergoing a series of processing is called information.
(iii)  Church:  this is a place where people gather together to worship God.
(iv)  Technology: This is the current application and utilization of organized and accumulated scientific knowledge of living standard. It is concerned with finding solution to practical problems using scientific theories and principles. It can be seen as ways of searching for efficiency and material progress.
(v)  Internet: internet is a self contained internal network looking multiple users by many of internet technology, in effect internet puts a face around the internet territory establishing controlled access sectors with which users can communicate freely and interact.
(vi)  Website: They are information system they efficiently structure content to provide visitors with knowledge and insight. They deliver “the good” website may also serve as “interface” providing bridge and translations to connect users to other worldly experience.
(v)  HTML: It simply means Hypertext Markup language which is used an editor (Notepad) to design a website.


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