The Industrial Training Management System is a web-based system that is developed to help the LI coordinator handle the relevant industrial training activities. It’s hoped this system would replace the manual system. The system includes many management procedures, including student enrolment, visitation scheduling, and evaluation. Students taking industrial training are required to register via this system Also, once the supervisors evaluate the respective students, this system can automatically calculate the total marks each student gains. For reference multiple reports will be generated. All of the data is kept in a more systematic way through this system.



The Industrial Training is a program which aims to provide a managed good practical  training within a time period. This training is provided by both government organizations and in the private organizations. Industrial training offers the undergraduates with significant handy information encourage them in becoming a successful trainee. Industrial training’s main objectives are to provide the best and most applicable theoretical knowledge to be obtained in a given period. This assumes the responsibility for real-life work and internships in selecting career options for different work environments and ads to the latest technologies currently being used by a relevant industry, etc. The aim of the Industrial Training program is only for the graduated person, who are ready to face the professional working world. This training program also aims to provide different and relevant knowledge related to the program. Industrial training also offers opportunities to publish it in the professional working world, making graduates more focused and appreciative of the industry’s hopes and expectations for them. The training will also provide real work experience for graduates.


The developments of computerized management systems are expanding over the past years and most of these systems are increasingly replacing the manual system. For instances, there are the registration system, clinic system, hotel management system and so on that are widely used. This Industrial Training Evaluation Management System is another system that needs to be developed to replace the current management that is run manually by filling up various forms. The system is a wise way to effectively control and manage Industrial training related affairs. This system is specified for the use of Computing Department in University Selangor. Industrial training is the way to explore or develop their knowledge and skills needed to enter a particular career area in a realworld situation. It introduces the undergraduate student to find out if they are interested in the field and work profession. Industrial Training has become a mandatory requirement for diploma and degree students. All students will undergo the Industrial Training with a duration of approximately 15 weeks, either in private or government sectors. Each student will have two Supervisors Academic and Industrial Supervisor. Those Supervisors will guide the students during the training and evaluate students’ performance at the end of this training.