In this study titled mass communication as a catalyst to rural development the effort is geared towards examining the effect of mass communication on rural dwellers. This study was motioned by the felt needs and find out the extern the media messages affect the lives of the rural dwellers in the content of development. The study further looked at the relationship between variables such as educational level marital status occupational distribution media selection age and sex difference among the people of Orumba south local government Area of Anambra state. The survey method of social science research as employed in this study. Both the questionnaire and oral interview were wed for data collection. A total of 150 respondents were randomly sampled. The research made use of table for graphical illustration and easy comparison of facts and figures. Apart from it general knowledge value in the are of development this study will be of great help to Nigeria development planners as its findings enable them know hoe to effecting use the reasons at them disposal to justify development in rural communication. The findings suggested their people are not affected by mass media message due to poverty and illiteracy. They also showed that the mass media are not alive to their responsibility in rural development. In essence there is gross imbalance in information follow from urban to rural centers. In the light of these finding conclusion were drawn and recommendation appropriately made.





It is known that rural communities in Nigeria have always been the began hope through out the history of this country and that they have always stained the urban communities through the provision of raw- material for industrialization. In spite of this the contribution of the rural communities have not received the adequate attention they deserve Through government are doing everything with their power to see that situation as reserved they should realize that they have not been should realize that they have not been making effective use of mass communication to foster community/ rural development with the proper use of the communication media in shaping and channeling the minds of the rural communities in the issues that affect them it will go a long way in bettering their condition Emmy at all (1975) said that communication is “to bring development into focm” while Godwin Igbinebor is of the opinion that innovation is a function of change in behavior only comes through new ideas and vigils it is the role of the mass media to convey new idees and vigils This means that people conceded with the development of rural communities should realize the value of communication media and employ them in all the facets of their pregrames Before now much attention had been paid to the urban communities. It was only ding the president Ibrahim Babangida’s regime that the directorate for food roads and rural infrastructure (DFFRI) was established which laid emphasis on the rural communities. As the Ex-presidents (Babangida) daimed I will be the cardinal element of the role of the directorate not only to effectively promote frame work of grassroots social mobilization but also much a virile pregramme of development monitoring and performance evaluation” With this presidential speech much emphasis had now been shifted to the rural communities. This is why Emma Ikwueze of the daily star said” this is how a development nation eught to be that is having both urban and rural communities developed”


in this information age when comminutes has been regarded as a veritable tool for rural economic social and political development the role which the media have been playing has not been all that encouraging in the content of development in Nigeria. Even in most rural communities where modern media are completely unavailable information is should among the people who can either read, mite nor hav3 exposure to modern mass media, they maintain in stable system of living. It is not an over-statement to say that government plans and strategies for the development f the rural communities had consistently failed. This is became they have fueled to employ the mass media in the course of the development pregrammes though the floating of many community newspaper magazines radio and television stations have helped in some ways but to what extent then have gone in improving the lot of our rural communities in the content of development is shifting to areas some section of the mass media have not yet released the need for this shift. It is a glaring fact new that government can not do everything for her citizens more especially the rural people. So it in imperative now for the communication media to be used as the authentic information channel to nurture this new direction. Therefore for this research the problem under invitation is to find out to what extent modern media have helped the rural communities in the contact of development to what degree is the attitude and behavioral change (s) of rural dwellers when exposed to the mass media. This project will also look at the extent variable such as educational qualification occupation and income difference among the people of orumba south local government of Anambra state.


it is acknowledged more than ever that adequate information dissemination is the basis of an informed and rational citizen.

The objective or purpose of this study includes

(i) To find out how mass media communication could help in improving the lines of the rural dwellers in the context of development influencing and changing their lives attitudes and condition.

(ii) this research will also study how the rural dwellers to receive and utilize the information available to them.

(iii) Finally this project is aimed at finding solutions and recommending same so that it will help to impact of mass communication in the context of rural development especially the orumba south local government area


As it has been pointed out some where in this text questions of development usually involve issues policies activities and budget that can only be acceptable or successful through effective government programmes and effective use of mass media as fourth estate of the realm. Unfortunately these forgeries are done in a dricriminathing manner by our government by concentrating development in the urban centers while neglecting the rural centers consequently this led to unnecessary frictions between the government and mass media and their rural frikes which could not have arisen if the people were properly informed and persuaded through effective organized and sustained government progarmmes reasons this study shall specifically address the following questions.

1) Do the people of orumba south have positive or negative attitude towards mass media of communication?

2) What channel selection to the people chose for effective communication? “Rural responsibility theory” is my personal suggestion.

3) Do they are their local innguage predominately or otherwise

4) Does mass communication have any influence on rural development?

1.6 significance of the study

The progress and strength of any country depends first and foremost on the progress of its people. To some degree it also depends on its communication capability and the use of mass media to bring about the desire development in the rural communities. It is disable therefore that Nigeria government should shift development to rural communities in the light of the present political social and economic spheres of our country. The difference between rural and urban centers have increasingly widened; government has been facing an enormous task in getting the rural communities developed the mass media is now taking up a new challenge to see to the needs and aspirations f the rural dwellers in the context of development In thin regards there is the need to re- appraise the role of the mass media or regards rural development there is also the need to suggests ways of using the media more effectively instead of concentrating on the topics that will not interest the rural people.

The lack of relevant strategies and logistic policies to bring about the distend development in our communities particularly warrant for the study. Furthermore this research may help media instructors and practitioners warrant for the study. Furthermore this research man help media instructors and practitioners through respondents response to the questionnaire items on new mass media can effectively be used to bring about development in the rural communities This research will also help to point our the fact that communication should be participatory change agents in both horizontal and vertical manners. This thesis will equally be of great value to Nigeria development planners us it finding would enable them know how to effectively use the resource at their disposal to justify development in the rural communities. Finally just as me have social responsibility and development journalism theirs of mass communication which are largely restricted to the urban centers this research will postulate that “Rural I responsibility theory “ should also be included in the theirs of mass communication at least to bring about development in the remote parts of the third world countries.