In an attempt to achieve the set goals of an organization, the organization must effectively communicate to the potential consumers and create awareness as to the existence of the product and the benefits to be derived from its usage. All these are of vital importance.

The concept of marketing is gaining more attention from various firms and companies, institutions, nations and from various exchange institutions.

Basically, marketing focuses its attention upon certain variables that serve as a tool of function in which advertising as a means of communication happen to be one of them and it can best described as a leading role of an organization project. It is said that consumers have every right to be adequately informed about any product of their choice.

Therefore, effective communication to consumers, increase their awareness as to product existence and benefit derived from their usage which is paramount to various marketing oriented companies.

Advertising is a process of getting an idea about a brand into consumer’s head, (i.e an idea which will move him or her towards purchase). A basic fact of life about marketing is that a product cannot sell itself: even a product that is designed perfectly to meet buyer’s desires and offered in affordable information about its availability and benefits are provided. For this to occur, we must understand both the brand and the consumer. The extent in which audiences receives and interpret advertisement determines the effectiveness of advertising.

Advertising must be received before it can be acted upon. Advertising is a major tool that firms adopt in reaching their customers. Firms use advert to alter or change their attitude and behaviors of their customers. Organization use advertising to persuade customers to buy what they do not really need.


Despite all the benefits derivable from advertising and the need to keep up with stiff competition in market places, many organizations especially, in developing countries stiff fails to accept advertising as a marketing tool to be reckoned with. Rather, advertising budgets has been regarded as a waste and drain on their profits. Besides, critics of the marketing tools sees it as an evil that has eroded all rational thinking of the consumers’ reaction to purchase and increase sales.


The research will be carried out to find out the adverting philosophy in our industries.

The study is specifically undertaken to know the role and importance of global advertisement on consumers attitudes and preference in the firms products and also to know the reasons for recent increase in the advertisement both by the manufacturing and services of the company.

To study consumers reactions towards the product and as well to study consumers reaction the company advertisement.

The study will help to know the image that the company commands, generally in the market and the image it creates in consumers concerning certain products of the organization.  The marketing activities are becoming complex as a result of increasing stiff competition from various manufacturers to support their existence in the market places.

A lot of product are now struggling for the few earned by consumer naira. One must focus more attention on the importance of advertising, which is to inform and persuade consumer towards products and attribute benefits.

Manufacturing organization are making serious effort to motivate people towards purchasing their products and at the same time protect goods image of the organization. While focusing attention on advertising it must be equally, borne in mind that consumers are often irrational, unpredictable and erratic in their behaviours.

Therefore, there is need to understand the behaviour of consumers. However another significance of this research work includes:

1.       It creates mass markets that encourage economic of scale in production.

2.       It reduce distribution costs by pre-selling goods

3.       It contributes to the maintenance of high quality standard by making the public aware of the identify of the manufacturer.

4.       It also provides information about old and new product.


This project research will be restricted to advertising as a promotional tool, and it is going to deal precisely with the contribution of advertising in the development of manufacturing industry in Nigeria.

However, the following areas are going to be covered.

Advertising planning in global industry, concept of advertising, the meaning of company performance in relation to the sales performance and image of advertising product.

The study will involve one Global Soaps products. And again the study will also emphasis whether advertising is necessary or not during the period of recession.

That is, when the sellers, market prevails. The study will embody the concept of promotion in general and different techniques of advertising use in promoting Global products and suggest, if necessary, at the end of the study, the possibility of improving the present advertising programme to make it more effective.

One important problem encountered during the undertaking of this research study is financial constraint, which deprived the research work and the ability to visit many places and meet widely dispersed consumers of global product to gather enough information or data needed.

The general attitudes of the respondents given questionnaire and those interviewed personally also constitute another constraint to the project.