An In-depth Analysis of Land Use Planning in Minna, Nigeria.



Housing, as essential as food and clothing, constitutes a fundamental need for every human being. In the context of urban land use planning, density is a crucial factor, referring to the concentration of a specific object or entity within a defined space. This research aims to analyze urban land use planning in Minna metropolis, with a specific focus on identifying the major density type and the area with the highest residential land use. The study examines housing densities, social services, infrastructure, and the surrounding environment in ten selected neighborhoods, namely GRA, Barikinsale, Shango, Dusen-Kura, Tudunwada-South, Fadipe, Kpakungun, Maitunbi, Sabongari, and Bosso.

A sample size of 5 percent was utilized for this research, and purposive sampling technique was employed to administer questionnaires. Primary and secondary data were collected and analyzed using descriptive statistics, while quantitative methods were applied to assess housing densities in the selected neighborhoods. The field survey results revealed that high density is the dominant type of density in Minna metropolis, among the three types considered in planning.

Furthermore, the study highlights that neighborhoods with high density face increased environmental hazards, such as erosion, noise pollution, and infrastructural degradation. The presence of numerous challenges, including strained infrastructure, limited facilities, and social services, further affects high-density areas. Some existing infrastructure no longer functions adequately, while others are overwhelmed due to limited intervention by urban authorities to support local initiatives.

In conclusion, the research identifies high density as the predominant housing density in Minna, and it raises concerns about the poor condition of infrastructure and unfavorable environmental conditions in the sampled neighborhoods. As a recommendation, the study suggests that government and stakeholders should reconsider high-density planning and explore how it can positively impact urban centers in Minna. Collaboration with local neighborhood associations can aid in understanding the needs of the residents and facilitate effective planning strategies.

An In-depth Analysis of Land Use Planning in Minna, Nigeria.   GET MORE, ACTUARIAL SCIENCE PROJECT TOPICS AND MATERIALS