Exploring the Link Between Urban Blight and Housing Quality in Designated Regions of Minna



This study investigates the correlation between urban blight and housing quality in selected areas of Minna, Niger State. The specific objectives of the research are to assess housing conditions in the study area, identify the causes of urban blight, and examine its relationship with housing quality in Minna. Both primary and secondary data were collected using questionnaires. A total of 399 households were systematically selected from five communities based on the estimated household population. Descriptive statistics, frequencies, percentages, and regression analysis were employed to analyze the data. The study findings reveal that rural-urban and urban-urban migration, poverty, lack of maintenance, and poor enforcement of planning laws are the most significant factors contributing to urban blight and poor housing quality in the study area. The analysis highlights that rural or urban-urban migration scored highest (MS = 3.86), followed by lack of maintenance/inadequate infrastructure (MS = 3.86), and eviction/poor resettlement program by the government scored the lowest (MS = 3.55) in terms of their impact on urban blight. Predictors (independent variables) such as building structure, building components, aesthetics, accessibility, open space, material used, toilet, kitchen, and bathroom were utilized in the regression analysis. The results indicate that the regression model explains about 44.5% of the variance in housing quality, with a Multiple R of 0.620 and an Adjusted R Square of 0.400. The statistical significance of the relationship between urban blight and housing quality was confirmed by an F-value of 82.61 and P-value of 0.00 (P < 0.05). Based on the findings, the research recommends the maintenance and improvement of infrastructural facilities, as well as the implementation and enforcement of planning laws to guide development and enhance the quality of housing, ultimately reducing urban blight.

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