All organisation whether profit oriented or not, cannot thrive in isolation of public good will . all organisation are identifies with their peculiar publics, whose interactions with the public determine the success or failure of hat organisation.
Every organization of significance should allocate specific responsibility for the overall development and monitoring of polices in relationship with both its external and internal publics. To complies this however public relations must be a management function.
To this effect, “ public relation is a deliberate planned and sustained effort to establish mutual under standing between the firm and public”.
The researcher to review and evaluate the effectiveness of
Public relations in the banking sector ( a case study of UBA Okpara Avenue in essence embarks upon the research project).
In effect, the effectiveness and efficiency of public relation programme must therefore originals from sound policies decision of the management . this is be cause commercial banks view by public, from their policy strategies and decision. Since such effect the in varying degrees , for their polices to be meaningful, and realistic employees must be good ambassadors of their companies, because any mis-representation on the part of these employees, will tarnish the image of the organisation hence every employees irrespective if his class it grade must be involved in monitoring, fostering, understanding, good will and public relation through responsible performance.
Public relations of any organisation no matter the size must stand to liaise between the organisation as and its various customers and potential buyers towards the organisation.
This is borne out of the fat that public relations department feels he pulse of its customers and potential buyers though systematic monitoring activities.
Admittedly, when public relation grammas are effectively communicated to the customer and potential buyers the bank stand to win public opinion and acceptance, but where the communication is not effective, some member of the public exploiting them.
The intent of this study as stated earlier is to evaluate and apprise the efficiency and effectiveness of the public relation department of ubabank, in the light of adequately achieving passive public opinion through effective public relation programming.

commerical banks are service industries specializing in the safe keeping and valueable remitting foreign and domestic exchange collecting cheques drafts notes and other obligations on behalf of their customers. Commercial banking is a recent development in Nigeria when compared with the evolution of banking in the world.
Rudimentary commercial banking stated in Nigeria before 1892, however, in 1892 some south African investors incorporated the African banking corporation (back) and it functioned were talked over by the British for was arisen in 1894 sixty years later, in 1952, the first ever banking legislation for inquiry , the Patton commission was appointed. At the time of the second commission reported in 1976, here were eighteen commercial banks with a total of 456 officials in the country. The commercial banks role in offering tangible and profitable business advisory service worth to be mentioned to assist small and medium business customers to develop their business in such a way that they can attract bank finance which can keep in he economic development of the country. The economic development of the area of encouraging savings the sources of which most of the small scale to be mentioned.
They also actively participated in the agriculture credit guarantee scheme in which credit are extended to the farmers so as to increase their export.
As at December 1985, the value and number of loans grated under the scheme since its inception in 977 stood at N 248 million and N 11074 million respectively.
They also extended their credits to exporters of made in Nigeria goods through pre- shipment export financing so as encourage the exports and local consumption purpose and the proceeds for tangible investment thereby improve the economic development commercial banks investment in government certificate and government envelopment of Nigeria in the sense that viable projects were not suffered for lack f funds.
Their contribution in financial market for both savings and investment outlet should also be commended . they are major participants in the market and by providing funds to the market for the various investor, which need there funds to finance their various variable projects with high rate of return is worthy of mentioning in the banks bid to improve the country economic development.
There are two type of licensed banks operating in the country namely the commercial banks and the merchant banks. Commercial performs retail-banking operations throughout the country. Hey usually have a broad deposit and the working class, students and traders form the majority of their customers. Being do not commit a large proportion of their available funds ti medium or long term lending. They specialize in the provision of short term credit facilities to their customers merchants banks on the other hard perform whole sale banking transition operating main commercial banks, corporate bodies, government aerostatics and a few branches in the main commercial banks, corporate bodies, government prostates and a few wealthy individuals the merchant medium term credit faculties to their clients either to finance the exploration of their products or the importation of their raw material.
Development banks cater for the problem posed by the inadequacies of the licensed banks. The federal government has establish a lot of development banks with all the activities mentioned above and which are performed by the commercial should definitely convince us that commercial banks factitively and convincingly participate and aid the economic development of the country.

the united bank for Africa UBA) PLC is one of Nigeria’s top three commercial banks it was establish shed in 1961 by a consortium of five international banks to take over the banking business carried on in Nigeria since 1949 by British and French bank limited. With a total assented of N188,03 billion and 223 branches spread all over Nigeria, he bank has recorded an impressive growth rate .
UBA is active in all aspects of commercial banking and provides international, corporate trusteeship, share registration, corporate finance and computer services through specialised divisions and subsidiaries. As aggressive business promotion strategy coupled with a willing ness to innovate has earned the banks are enviable position in the banking industry .
UBA plc is strongly committed to its social responsibility and identified with the communities in which it is represented . as at march 31, 2001 Nigeria interest constitute 90 .70 percent of the shareholding of the bank other shareholders includes bankers international corporation. USA, Bianca national
Delaware; Italy and montedei paschal did sienna, italy. Other international share holders have invested thought UBA’s GLOBAL depositary receipt (GDR) programme and continue to make their expertise and resources throughout the world available to assist the bank and its customers .
UBA’ PLC has branches in new York and grand Cayman island
. It also maintains correspondent relationship with many banks in Africa and n major countries in the world.
Hakemm below – osagie is the chairman of the board of directors since 1997. abbak yari, in 1997 was the managing director.

in Nigeria today, commercial banks with so many problems if which one of then is non-responsiveness of the pubic in patronizing their product despite the radio and television commercials.
This non-compliance of the public in responding to the banking product pits to the fact that public goodwill, public relation and acceptance is at stake.
In addition, it sis good to note that although advertisements help to sell the product hence, the organisation / bank which grants people loan must be first and foremost accepted about the firms helps to determine the success or failure of the bank before buying their shares.
Banking is in the service industry. The quailed of services rendered by our banks have been attracting criticisms form people in all works of life. The government functionaries, business men, media and general public are all very critical of banking service the complaints range from those of inefficiency favouritism , long dialysis cashing cheques tardiness of granting loans, to unfriendly altitude of banks is know to have accused banks of not identifying enough the nations aspirations. The chief of general seta had cause to appeal to bankers to leave armchair banking and adopt the marketing concept in carrying out banking activities. As early as 1943, Dr Nnadmdi Azikiwe said “ was frustrated because of the shoddy way and manner ther manger o the marina branch of the bank of british west African limi9ted treated me with rebuff . not only did he standing in his office for some minutes, he was curt and condescending as if I was seeking for favour . naturally, my pride was hurt and it downed on me that political freedom was not enough , economic freedom was not enough, economic freedom must be won also “ most do not put their customers in the prime place as they are supposed to be .here is now keep competition and to compete means to apply the public relations strategies . are these criticism justifies, or are they just a more rundown of the banking industry because they are making profit in an are of economic slump?

The objective of this study is to evaluate the contribution of the public relation in banking sector . The focus of the study shall be an examination of the view held by the public of Nigeria banking sector, the influence
Of the public relations development towards the slapping of opinion of those affected public and finally prescribe possible penance to this problem .
The objective comprises of the following point.
(A) To know the extent to which the public relation department of banning sectors of ubabank has been able t influence the opinion and altitude if the customers potential it’s products.
(b) whether the ubank has a poor public relation image.
(c ) to know how the public relation programme of ubabank is able to win public (customers and potential buyers) good will and confidence for the organisation)
(d) to find out whether the management of ubabank buys the opinion and programme initiated by the public relation of facer,
(e) to know whether the head of public relation department belongs to the management.
(f) to evaluates effectiveness of ubabank channels of communication to public (customer and potential buyers)
(g) to find out the nature if relation and together ness existing between the ubabank it’s international communities.

it is very important for an organisation to table a critical look into it’s operation to feel the pulse of its various publics.
An organisation should monitor and possible diagnose public opinion. To do the effectively the public relation department of such an organisation by nature of it’s work is assigned it do it . there freed the public relation to the public the reaction of such public and their attitude and behaviour towards the organisation should always be under surveillance.
It is though this critical monitoring that effectiveness and efficiency of public relation programme of an organisation determined.
Bearing there is mind, he research work will therefore attempt to measure the opinion, attitude and feelings of ;the public towards the ubabank as regards, to its public ;relation programme .
Also their work will further show whether the public relation department if ;the banking sector has helped in; my way to shape opinion of public.
Consideration will be made in their work to determine the effectiveness of public relation department. The extent it has lied up to its function which is to create good will for the company and finally the ability of the department to disperse and carry out public relation programme to the organisations various publics.

the scope of this study is uba okpara avenue . it is designed to cover it’s numerous activities as it relates it public relation it is expends of the firm and how well its programme has been able to effectively change the attitude of its various public to a permanently positive one.

Hi the exist no communication gap between uba bank an its international business pertness and customers
Hio there exist communication gap between uba bank an its international business pertness and customers
Ho there is no great effect on the use of public relations strategy in banking sector.
H2 there is no great effect on the use of public relations strategy in banking sector.
Ho current public relation strategies do not improve the activities of uba bank.
H3 current public relation strategies improve the activities of uba bank




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