Assessing the Performance of Mobile Network Services at Shiroro Power Station, Nigeria.



This study aimed to assess the performance of four mobile network operators (MNOs) in Shiroro Power Station and provide recommendations to enhance their voice and data services. The evaluation was conducted through drive tests using transmission environment monitoring software (TEMs) and subsequent statistical analysis. The measured received signal strength levels ranged from -50 dBm to -110 dBm, deviating from the recommended range of -30 dBm to -70 dBm set by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC). However, the received quality for Mobile Network A, Mobile Network B, and Mobile Network C was rated as Excellent, indicating compliance with NCC standards.

In contrast, Mobile Network D exhibited poor received quality. MNO C demonstrated the best quality of service, excelling in call setup time (CST), Call setup success rate (CSSR), and Call completion success rate (CCSR). On the other hand, MNO A and MNO B outperformed others in terms of dropped call rate (DCR).

Regarding mobile internet service, MNO B stood out with the best latency of 2.75 ms and throughput of 6731.8 kbps, followed by MNO C with a latency of 121 ms and throughput of 153 kbps. In terms of data rate, MNO A achieved the highest data rate of 38.85 kbps, followed by MNO C with a data rate of 10.55 kbps.

The study identified several technical issues contributing to poor performance, including terrain problems, low transmit power, absence of booster amplifiers at base stations, insufficient coverage, and the lack of 4G wireless technology. To enhance the overall quality of services, the identified issues need to be addressed by the respective mobile network operators.

Assessing the Performance of Mobile Network Services at Shiroro Power Station, Nigeria. GET MORE, ACTUARIAL SCIENCE PROJECT TOPICS AND MATERIALS