Auxiliary nurse midwives training project for Afghanistan.


This report describes specific activities of the ongoing Auxiliary Nurse Midwives Training Project for Afghanistan which occurred in Afghanistan and in Santa Cruz during the period July – December 1977. The objectives of the project are as follows: To develop a planned program of recruitment emphasize concept of prevention application of knowledge to actual situation expansion of community health component identification and selection of clinical fields identification of high risk situations improvement of teachers competencies strengthening of supervisory practices in the clinical field continuation of participant training development of health education materials and continuing contact with graduates of participant training and of the ANM school. Also described with the agenda included is the Community Nutrition program held in Santa Cruz September 26 – November 8 1977. The purpose of this program was to acquaint participants with the factors that constitute a functioning nutrition program. The recent activities in the MCH/Nurse Practitioner Training are described. The six participants scheduled for training on January 2 1978 went to Santa Cruz for an English language training program in order to prepare to enter the UCSC MCH Nurse Practitioner Training Program. Also included is the Agenda of the cycle XI of the MCHNP training program.