The aim of this project is to enrich Nigerian menu with the use of soyabeans. Using semovita as control for soyabeans flour for the production of Amala, and using corn flour as control for soyabeans flour for the production of moinmoin. It is hoped that the findings would make these dishes from the above food materials known, accepted and included in the Nigerian menu in such a place like homes.

Attempts were made to review relevant literatures to provide information in all areas covered by this work. Different measures that were used are 50/50, 100%. The taste panels were requested to evaluate such qualities which include appearance, taste, colour, flavour, texture.

It was discovered that the dishes made from taste, colour, flavour, texture. It was discovered that the dishes made from these food commodities had flavour, looked colourful, palatable and presentable.


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CHAPTER ONE                    

  1. Introduction                                                     1
    1. Background  information                                 5
    1. Statement of the problem                                7
    1. Aims and objectives                                                 8
    1. Purpose of the study                                        9
    1. Significance of the study                                  9
    1. Scope and limitation of the study                  11

CHAPTER TWO                              

  • Literature review                                              13
    • History of soyabeans in Nigeria                        18
    • The  need of soyabeans in Nigeria diet             20
    • The importance of soyabeans in Nigeria diet.   21
    • The processing of soyabeans grains for domestic uses. 22
  • The need to increase and enrich menu            23


  • Methodology                                                    25
    • preparation of soyabeans flour                        26


  • Analysis and interpretation  of data/

Treatment of result                                          32

  • Sensory  evaluation                                                 32
    • Result and discussion                                     33


  • Summary of finding                                                 40
    • Conclusion                                                      41
    • Recommendation                                             43



Soya beans have come to play a prominent role in our daily diet because of the nutritional value it contributes to various dishes.

Soya beans can be processed into many products such as milk, cheese which comes as an extract from soya milk and can also be used in making soya moin moin, soya beans Amala with soya Egusi/Ugwu soup.

Soya beans belong to the family edible seeds of the leguminous plants and the word is derived from the Latin word (legumes). It has been found that the biological value of its protein is known to be very high and much higher than those of other vegetable protein and from animal origin because it contains practically all the essential amino acids in fairly good amount for body needs.

Cereal proteins which constitute the major protein source for people in many developing countries are generally of a relatively low quality because they lack-adequate amounts of the essential amino acid especially lysine. How ever, they contain relatively low protein, and other sulphur amino acids.

Therefore, consuming a mixture of soya beans protein the nutritional quality of the protein from either source can upgrade the nutrition of the people who now subsist on protein deficient diets especially in Nigeria.

Realizing the importance of adequate consumption of high quality protein food is the maintenance of good health; effort should be made to utilize potentially good and cheap sources of proteins.

It is therefore necessary to investigate how soya beans could be put to use to complement the deficiency in the protein of our staple food like yam, cassava, maize e.t.c further more, with the difficult of obtaining imported food these days, the use of soya beans in enriching meal can break Nigerian menu monopoly and go a long way in saving substantial foreign exchange for Nigeria.

However, protein content is only one of the factors that make soyabeans a potential answer to inadequate nutrition. As with many food, soyabeans should not be considered as a  sole sources of nutrition, but when  combined with other  foods, soyabeans especially as a protein sources can go a  long way in upgrading the nutrition of million of people throughout the world.

Management of the hotel and catering industry can not deny that sales of food and beverages, which accounts for some percentage of income to the hotel has been declining due to exorbitant price which accounts from the meat prepared. Soyabeans products which are equally good nutritionally as those from animal origin  and  cheaper will go along  way  in  reducing  the cost  of the food thereby  increasing the patronage and profit  margin  of hotel  industry.

  • To show the quickest method of producing dishes   from soyabeans.
  • To promote the acceptability of soybeans supplement in strict vegetarian diet.
  • To make Nigeria be aware of the improved recipe made from maize 
  • To document and update the new products obtained from soya beans.
  • To produce cheap protein to the low income earner.
  • To increase sufficient food of protein origin to the masses