Impact of Serial Publication Quality on NOUN Postgraduate Research Output



This study investigates the impact of serial publications on the research outcomes of postgraduate students at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) located in the North-central region of the country. Guided by five specific objectives and corresponding research questions, the study employs a descriptive survey research methodology. The target population comprises 7,027 postgraduate students distributed across four NOUN study centers in the North-central region: NOUN Abuja Study Centre, NOUN Kogi, NOUN Jos Study Centre, and NOUN Nasarawa Study Centre.

To ensure a manageable sample size, 370 postgraduate students were selected using the Krejcie and Morgan method due to the large population. Data collection was facilitated through the use of questionnaires, and a stratified sampling technique was applied. Among the 370 distributed questionnaires, 349 were returned and utilized for analysis. The collected data was analyzed employing descriptive statistical techniques such as frequency counts, percentages, mean, and standard deviation. Additionally, Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) was employed for inferential statistical analysis.

The study findings disclose that the serial publications accessible for research purposes span from the year 2016 and earlier. Respondents consistently indicated that postgraduate students frequently rely on serial publications to enhance their research outcomes within the studied centers. Moreover, the research identifies that factors such as outdated serial publications, inadequate subscription to electronic databases, and a scarcity of relevant journals in their respective fields of interest negatively impact the research output of the students.

In summary, the study concludes that the utilization of serial publications for research purposes among postgraduate students at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) in the North-central region yields moderate achievements. As a recommendation, it is suggested that the management of NOUN in the North-central region should invest in acquiring and subscribing to current and pertinent serial publications. Furthermore, study center libraries should ensure the availability of a satisfactory collection of serial publications that are up-to-date and aligned with the students’ areas of interest. The study underscores that leveraging serial publications aids postgraduate students in meeting their required research output and improving the overall quality of their academic work.

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