Influence of Staff Mindsets and Communication Frameworks on Health Management in Niger State’s General Hospitals



This study aims to investigate the impact of staff attitudes and information flow systems within Health Management Systems at a general hospital in Niger State. The research addresses the existing gap resulting from staff attitudes, the challenges encountered, and proposes potential solutions for general hospitals in Niger State. Employing a Descriptive Survey Design, data collection utilized a self-administered questionnaire. The study’s population consisted of 1045 hospital staff and 2209 patients, with sample sizes of 278 and 327, respectively, determined using the Kerjgie and Morgan table. Out of 605 distributed questionnaires, 383 were retrieved.

The findings indicate that 45.5% of the staff agreed that information is primarily transmitted verbally to treatment areas, while 49.7% relied on announcements within proximity. Furthermore, the study reveals a notable deficiency in information flow within general hospitals in Niger State, with only 7.9% indicating strong information dissemination. Positive staff attitudes were identified as a factor that could enhance service quality, with 53.7% acknowledging its significance. The research highlights that 55.1% of staff exhibit their preferred professional behavior willingly. Conversely, insufficiently communicated information was linked to a 43.7% increase in patients’ deteriorating health status.

To address communication gaps, it is recommended to employ radio and television jingles to reach patients. The study suggests implementing announcements in strategic locations to inform and orient patients within the hospital premises. Additionally, integrating electronic computers for real-time information exchange between hospital units and during patient visits can reduce congestion and waiting times. The study underscores the importance of providing medical personnel with comprehensive ICT knowledge to optimize service delivery. In conclusion, this research offers insights and recommendations for improving information flow and staff attitudes within general hospitals in Niger State.

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