Kogi State University’s Impact on Urban Housing and Environmental Quality in Anyigba, Nigeria



The recent liberalization of tertiary educational institution establishment in Nigeria has generated new centers of growth in localities where these institutions are situated, leading to various social and economic advantages. However, numerous newly established tertiary institutions lack the necessary investments in constructing on-campus student housing or hostel accommodations. In this study, the impact of Kogi State University (KSU), Anyigba, on housing development and the environmental quality of the town is examined. The research investigates housing development patterns, adherence to physical development regulations, and neighborhood characteristics surrounding the KSU campus, where a majority of off-campus student hostels are located.

Through systematic random sampling, 364 questionnaires were administered to heads of households and landlords of residences housing students. The survey aimed to identify factors influencing housing development near the KSU campus and the degree of compliance with existing physical planning regulations in the development of off-campus student hostels. Additionally, personal observations were conducted to assess the visual quality of the study area. Analytical techniques, both descriptive and inferential, were employed to analyze collected data using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS).

Findings from the study indicate that 68% of housing used as off-campus student hostels deviated from the prescribed plot ratio of 45 to 60% and setbacks of 6m in the front and 3m at the sides and back. Moreover, 26% of the surveyed houses lacked essential amenities such as toilets, kitchens, and bathrooms. Within houses that did have toilet facilities, 61.6% were deemed inadequate. In terms of landscape quality, 28.3% displayed poor quality softscape elements, and 46.7% exhibited fair hardscape quality. The study also highlighted that 72% of access roads were in poor condition.

Among its recommendations, the study advocates for more robust physical development controls in the area to rectify the prevalent issues of substandard housing development and diminished environmental quality.

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