Teaching Translation for Electric Power English From the Perspective of Relevance Theory: Belt and Road Initiative and Electric Power Education


With the continuous development of the Belt and Road international cooperation of electric power, companies related to electric power develop overseas markets and invest overseas electric power projects. The market demand for translation of electric power English is increasing. Translation for Electric Power English is a basic required course for English major students in North China Electric Power University. The course combines translation skills with basic electric power knowledge in the process of teaching to help students gain professional knowledge and improve students’ practical language application in international electric power cooperation activities. Most of English majors master little knowledge about electric power, which makes it difficult for them to finish translation task with high quality of translation. Translation for Electric Power English Course should be taught in the following aspects: help students accurately understand the meaning of the original materials, aid them in selecting appropriate translation methods, modify the translated text and improve their translation ability for electric power English. Translation for Electric Power English Course focuses on imparting the translation methods of electric power English to students, such as literal translation, free translation, amplification and omission. This paper discusses the importance of the teaching of the course and uses Relevance Theory to analyze the teaching methods of Translation for Electric Power English.