Assessing the Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Federal Polytechnic Bida’s Staff Quarters in Niger State”



This research conducted a Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) of the staff quarters at Federal Polytechnic Bida. The study aimed to identify the facilities available in the staff quarters, assess their performance, evaluate user satisfaction in terms of design and functionality, and analyze the correlation between building performance and user satisfaction. Data was collected from primary and secondary sources, with sixty-two (62) questionnaires distributed to residents of the staff quarters, comprising 4, 3, and 2 housing units. A total of forty-seven (47) completed questionnaires were received, resulting in a response rate of 76%. The collected data was analyzed using SPSS software, employing descriptive and Pearson r correlation methods.

Physical observations and walkthrough surveys revealed a lack of landscaping in the staff quarters, leading to overgrown weeds and unregulated agricultural activities in close proximity to the apartments, posing potential risks of reptile breeding. Nevertheless, the post occupancy evaluation (POE) showed that the Federal Polytechnic staff quarters provided occupants with a high level of satisfaction, demonstrating the value of POE as a methodology for assessing building performance, particularly in tertiary institutional buildings like Federal Polytechnic Bida in Niger State.

Based on the findings, the study recommends conducting Post Occupancy Evaluations of the facilities in Federal Polytechnics Bida to assess their adequacy and condition for maintenance and improvement, if necessary. Additionally, it is suggested that the Federal Polytechnic perform post occupancy evaluations for all their facilities before embarking on the development of similar designs or uses.

Assessing the Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Federal Polytechnic Bida’s Staff Quarters in Niger State.