Thus, this study sets out to investigate the degree to which the Daily Graphic, which is a state owned newspaper in Ghana carried stories on illegal mining. The study also sought to examine how frequently the Daily Graphic published stories on illegal mining.It also sought to establish the extent to which photographs were used when reporting on illegal mining.The study also attempted to identify the tone of stories that were covered in the Daily Graphic about illegal miningas well as theplacement of stories in the Daily Graphic on illegal mining activities.It finally identified the major sources of stories on illegal mining in the Daily Graphic. The study adopted the quantitative approach of research, conducting a content analysis of the Daily Graphic to identify the level to which it reported on illegal mining issues and the extent to which such stories are accompanied by photographs. It also looked at the placement of such stories and the types of banner headlines given to such stories on illegal mining in the Daily Graphic, which is a state-owned newspaper.The findings reveal that the Daily Graphic published quite a number of substantive stories on illegal mining related issues out of the numerous thematic areas that comprise its publications throughout the year. One other finding from the research was that, the use of photographs to accompany news stories on illegal mining had not been extensive. Thus very few photographs accompanied most of the stories that were published. However it was revealed that the few pictures that were published were taken with the purpose of enhancing thematic message accompanying these stories which the writer wants to convey to his or her readership.