This desire to write on this particular topic the importance of computer to a secretarial profession in business organization” grew out of the present significant rolls it plays in secretary day to day activities, secretaries therefore as the strong hold of office function should equip them selves with the computer. This project report is going to be useful and helpful to studying data processing as a major course in the universities and polytechnics. However, I have taken the pains to present this project report in a tense and simple language, so as to make it readable and comprehensive to any of the users. To achieve the aim, the researcher looked into: (a) Whether the secretaries with computer knowledge are able to save much time and increase productivity. (b) Whether the service rendered by the secretaries with computer in any organization can achieve their set out goals, objectives and aspirations. (c) Whether the assistance of the computer to our secretary’s duties would be able to increase productivities. (d) Whether the computer. Helps the secretary to perform specialized duties in the office with which they contribute to the attainment of organization goals. (e) Whether the secretaries using the computer to perform administration function in addition to their specialized secretarial functions, could be elevated to administrative posts.




A secretary is a person who has a wide knowledge into the art and science of handling office correspondence and machines. In other words, a secretary is that person who has under gone secretarial courses and having the knowledge to operate all office machine available, such as typewriter, franking machines, adding machines, duplication machines etc. he or she also received information, makes calls, receives calls either within or outsides the organization.

It is important to identify the functions of secretary performs in the modern business world; by this we would be able to appreciate the role computer plays in secretarial activities computer has been defined by many authors and computer analysis as an electronic device that has the ability of automatically accepting data, applying sequence of process to data store and automatically execute a program of instruction and supplying the result of the process. Computer evolved as results of man’s search for fast, accrual calculating devices. But if will be wrong to think that computer just arrived unto sense of secretarial profession and organization computer comes into existence between 15th and 16teh century. The first known data processing devices consisted of the use of fingers, stones and sticks for counting on a string, Socrates on a rock and abacus as keeping devices. In addition a follow up development on the data processing was the introduction of manual computer and machinery to perform arithmetic and science operations, but with the dynamic nature of business world. Its important has been stretched beyond these spheres of operations, but business office of organizations and even to private homes.