Budgeting In All Inflationary Environment


Budgeting In All Inflationary Environment (A Case Study Of Binez Hotels Ltd Aba)


ABSTRACT: This topic was designed to highlight the importance and prominence budgeting in a very dynamic economy like ours as well as the difficulty to forecast the rate of inflation with accuracy and the problem posed by changing price level and how these problems are addressed in making budgeting decisions. Highlighting the advantages as well as he problem associated with budgeting will enhance the managers skill and ability in the preparation and implementation of budgets. They will also see the correlation between budgeting and success as well as appreciate it students on the dynamics, complexities and mechanics of today’s business decision making. a part from making some contribution to knowledge, the study would also add to the existing. Finally, the study is significant as it is in partial fulfilment of the polytechnics requirement for the award of Higher National Diploma (HND) in Accountancy. This study report is five chapters. The first chapter introduces the topic, present the nature of the problem, the objective of the study significant of the study, the significant of the study the scope of the study as well as statement of hypothesis. The chapter also given a brief history of the company and the aware ship structure. Hence the first chapter serves as a prelude to the main study. The second chapter examines the work of the other people on the study. Review is divided into sections top cover areas like of meaning and purposes of budget  and the techniques of the data treatment will be explained and the limitation to which we are subjected in the data treatment. The data collected will be analyzed and discussed so as to develop our findings in the context of the purpose for which the study was conducted chapter four. Here, the statement of fact in connection with the study will be made. The finding of the study will determine whether the hypothesis were true or not. Finally, in chapter five, statement of findings is made, conclusion are draw remarks and recommendations based on the study are made.



  1. Introduction                                                                1

1.1       Background statement                                                            1

1.2       Nature of the problem                                                             3

1.3       Statement of hypothesis                                                         5

1.4 Objective of the study                                                            6

1.5       Research question                                                                   7

1.6       Significance of the study                                                        8

1.7       Scope of the study                                                                  9

1.7.1    Brief history of the company                                      10

1.7.2    Ownership structure                                                    11

1.8       Organisation of the study                                           11

1.9       Definition of terms                                                     12



  1. Review of related literature                                        16

2.1       Introduction                                                                16

2.2       Meaning and purpose of budgeting                            21

2.3       Types of budgeting                                                     23

2.3.1    The operating budget                                                  23

2.3.2    The finance budget                                                     26

2.4       Stamps in preparing budget                                        28

2.5       Techniques of budget                                                             29

2.6       Meaning of inflation                                                   31

2.7       Rates of inflation                                                                    32

2.8       Types of inflation                                                                    33

2.9       Pos and cons inflation                                                             35

2.10     causes of inflation                                                                   36

2.11     Control of inflation                                                     39



Budgeting In All Inflationary Environment (A Case Study Of Binez Hotels Ltd Aba)

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