Human resource management (HRM) Byers and Rve (1991:6) embrace those actives designs to provide for, and co-ordinate the human resource of an organization.

This involve apart from the traditional activities of employment, labour relations, compensation and staff benefits also integrate into both the management and strategies planning process of an organization. this human resource department provide three Roles /Maga (1998) the management of an organization workforce, are responsible for the attachment solution, training, assessment and rewarding of an employees, mean while Nigerian Television Authority with the promulgation of decree 24 by the federal military Government in may 1977 the Nigeria n Television Authority (NTA) was born.

These included western Nigerian Television (WNTV) established in 1959 which later became NTA Ibadan, Eastern Nigerian Television (ENTV) 1960 later to be known as NTA Enugu and Radio Kaduna Television (RKTV) in 1962, which later split to be become NTA by their various regional Government.

Television Station was later established in the state capitals where none existed.

By the promulgation of Decree 24, the Authority became the only body empowered to undertake television broadcasting in Nigeria, therefore all the ten existing state television then were incorporated into Nigeria Television Authority (NTA).

It is pertinent to note that, the exclusive rights to television broadcasting enjoyed by the Authority when it was inaugurated in may 1977 by the federal military Government, was removed by the 1979 constitution, which gave right to ownership to state government, organization and individuals that the president may authorize  to operate television stations.

This provision in the constitution led to establishment of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) in 1992 and resulted subsequently in the issuance of radio, television and cable broadcast licenses to private operations for the first time in the history of broadcasting in Nigeria on 10th June, 1993. The first official director general of NTA was Vincent Maduka, a former engineer. Prior to his appointment Maduda was the general manager of western Nigerian television Ibadan, which was Africa’s first television station. The Nigerian Television Authority has been criticized by performing artists such as Becky Wmeh for pressuring artists to align their expression with government propaganda goals. The Guadian in its editorial of Sunday October 18, 2009 stated “the federal government owned Television network, the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) is arguably the largest of itstype in Africa, but maximize its potentials”. However, the NTA’s monopoly on the Nigerian airspace was broken in the mid-1990, is with the establishment of privately owned television station and network notable among which is the Africa independent Television.

Therefore this government owned organization being (NTA), human resources management has a great impact on their performance, to ensure this, more attraction must be paid to how labour is recruited into an organization, their performance motivating factors and some other. Any employee who has performed good or bad in the cause of performing the assigned task must be done effectively so as to make them do their best at work.

Therefore every Nigerian management should manage their workforce effectively for the achievement of their stand goals and objective. it is therefore important that both the employee workers and management should be well acquainted with an important issue that affect not only workers effectiveness in the place but their life in general.


The following factors limit or affect the performance of staff productivities of the organization.

Wrong placement of worker, this is putting the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time. In a situation where an employee skill and experience are not equal to the task they are to performed they outcome of such employee effort will not yield a successful fruits.

  • Lack of clear objective on the part of human resources management, proper staff recruitment
  • Lack of managerial planning, organizing, staffing, leading, coordination and controlling performance of the staffs and management
  • Staffs not being motivated
  • Lack of staffs training, promoting and enlargement


  • To identify the problems militating against effectual human resource management on staff performance and productivity in an organization.
  • To identify factor for achieving high productivity
  • To recommended models for human resources management
  • To access the process of human resource management in an organization.


It will constitute a reference material to students. at all the work will assist the manufacturing sub-sector to determine the best method of motivating the employees in order to get the best performance from them

This will give room for better selection of employee in manufacturing sub-sector and ensure that ineffective management of labour force leads to low productivity.


  • Management performance is important to all organization in term of staff productivity
  • Does human resources management performance have any effect on employee’s productivity?
  • Management make policy that regulates the staff activities
  • What are the factors contribute positively to employee’s productivity?