The basic aim of any business is to make profit in the most effective and efficient way.

These profit motive is what makes the business enterprise to work hard in order to achieve his objectives.

Profit is a major target of any business and no business can survive without profit.

This research project has its main focus on the impact of mobile telephone in business development in Owerri.  As there exist no9 business without adequate information that communication should be courageous in order to have a high performance in business.  In this view our advice is that means of communication should be available in order to develop our business.

In this very research project a questionnaire was given out to know the response of people on the effect on mobile telephone in business development many responded that the introduction of mobile telephone affected their business development positively.  While some insisted that the introduction of mobile telephone affected their business development negatively.

In trying to achieve these objectives, the method used in this research draw much from both primary and secondary source of data.  Simple percentage was used in presentation of the data, while chi-square was used to analyze the data.

The following findings were made from the study; the introduction of mobile telephone has not affected the business development.

Mobile telephone as a necessity, mobile telephones have a positive effect and negative effect etc.

Subsequently, in order to consolidate on the success of mobile telephone so far recorded, the study recommended that the Federal Government in collaboration with the corporate affair commission (C.A.C ) should make sure that every business enterprises must have a strong means of communication like mobile telephone.

Table of Contents

Title Page

Approval page                                                                    ii      

Dedication                                                                  iii

Acknowledgment                                                         iv

Abstract                                                                             v

Table of Contents                                                             vi-vii

Chapter One

1.0    Introduction                                                                1

1.1    Background of the study                                               1

1.1    Statement of the Problem                                     4

1.2    Purpose of the Study                                           5

1.3    Research Questions                                                     6

1.4    Significance of the Study                                              7

1.5 Scope of the Study                                                         7

        Chapter Two

2.0    Review of Related Literature                                 8

2.1    The Concept of Mobile Telephone                           9

2.2    The Role of Mobile Telephone in Business Development 10

2.3    The Various Ways of Acquiring Mobile Telephone      11

2.4    Demerits of Mobile Telephone                                        11

2.5    Impact of Mobile Telephone in the Development of Small Scale Business in Owerri Metropolis                  12

2.6    Summary of Literature Reviewed                           15

Chapter Three

  • Research Methodology                                         16

3.1    Design of the Study                                                     16

3.2    Area of the Study                                                        17

3.3    Population of the Study                                                18

3.4    Sample and Sampling Technique                            19

3.5    Instrument Used For Data Collection                       19

3.6    Method of Data Collection                                     20

3.7    Method of Data Analysis                                               21

Chapter Four

  • Data Representation And Analysis                          22

4.1    Response Rate to Questionnaire                             22

4.2    Data Presentation                                                        24

        Chapter Five

  • Summary of Finding, Conclusion and Recommendation. 35
  • Summary Of Findings                                           35
    • Conclusion                                                          36
    • Recommendation                                                38

Reference                                                                  40

Appendix     A                                                             41

        Questionnaire B                                                   42                                              



1.1  Background To The Study

According to the concept of management, business management provides people in the whole world with a general background to the elements and characteristics of business.  Regardless of the educational goal of a person be it in accounting, finance, business marketing, engineering, art etc. There is every certainty that he will end up in having some close connection with business therefore, Independent observers may classify such Institutions.  Independently owned business such as patrol services station, restaurant etc.

Business could be classified into the following industries:

  1. Retailing Industries
  2. Wholesaling and services Industries
  3. Manufacturing and services Industries
  4. Non project public enterprises.

Most of these Industries do one important thing providing the needs of the society.  The needs of the society have gone much further than the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter.  Our needs are complex therefore, complex business Institution are needed to fulfill the needs of the society.  The Individual in the society decides what enterprise makes effort to fulfill such needs.

       Our approach in the study of business course is to provide an instant into how business is one entity and the consumers are another entity both needing to work together to make their ambitions become a reality, any individual business under Nigerian system has two major objectives which is services and project.  These objectives apply whether the business is a mammoth organization as the general motors in America the largest world single business enterprise providing employment for 728,000 men and women throughout the world or a small neighborhood grocery store at sure leer Lagos. Every business must satisfy human wants if it is to continue to exist.